Crispy Gamer

The Warrior Epic Surprise


I have to admit as I went to check out Warrior Epic, that I thought that the game was going to suck. Surprisingly it did not. Somewhere between a Diablo II clone and Guild Wars, Warrior Epic is all about free-to-play, micro-transactions, digital currency  and a balance of all these things that keep players from being able to buy themselves a path to success. Designed to be played with a small set of friends or even by yourself, the game   reminds me of NCsoft's Dungeon Runners.

It is hard to ignore that every MMO I see looks like World of Warcraft, but this particular game has its own unique hooks, bells and whistles that make it more akin to the clickity-clickfest of Diablo. I'm looking forward to talking about this game more, but not here and not now. Oh and it was nice to finally meet Mika Kelly for the first time.