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GDC Playing Cards: 100-percent Less Nudity


When I was eight years, I discovered that my Uncle Jack (R.I.P.) owned a pack of playing cards that featured naked ladies on them. He called this very special pack "a conversation piece." Ah, Uncle Jack. This year, the heads of the Game Developers Conference have issued customized playing cards featuring photos of some of the most prominent players in the GDC family.

As a panel moderator, I was issued a set of these highly coveted--or, more accurately, moderately coveted--cards.
Titillating? Not unless your idea of Ubisoft's Creative Director Clint Hocking posing as a lumberjack on the king of diamonds titillating. Dave Perry is the eight of spades. Meggan Scavio, Executive Director of the GDC, is a Joker. And, most bizarrely, Ralph Baer is a three of clubs.
Ralph only rates a three of clubs? Please.