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Holy $%#! Curt Schilling Is Making a Game!

Forgive yourself if you’ve never heard of baseball great Curt Schilling.
As far as he’s concerned, he’d rather gamers remember him as Curt Schilling the game pioneer, the game innovator, the unbelievably successful owner of global game development powerhouse 38 Studios.
For now though, he’s the recently retired Curt Shilling, #38, three time World Series champion, opinioned and massively talented right hand pitcher and baseball legend.
Sitting with G4TV’s Adam Sessler during a GamesBeat one-on-one, Schilling talked about the similarities of running a baseball team and a game studio (they both depend on teamwork) and dropped hints about his game company’s top-secret MMO project, codenamed Copernicus (not much we hadn’t heard already).
Affable and articulate, Schilling managed to evade Sessler’s pointed attempts to pry information out about the new game while making you want to root for his ambiguous project. What we know, or could glean from his comments to date:
It’s a fantasy-themed MMO with a storyline penned by R.A. Salvatore.
Comic book favorite and toy impresario Todd McFarlane has something to do with the art.
It doesn’t look like it’s going to launch this year.
Did he have any idea how big of a project this was going to be? “Absolutely not!”
And as a hardcore gamer who enjoys  everything from first-person shooters and real-time strategy to massively multiplayer online games, Schilling really doesn’t want this game to suck.
Proclaiming that WoW works because it is simple, or at least sticks to fun fundamentals that have powered games for 5,000 years, Schilling plans on making his game the kind of game you start out wanting to play and don’t want to stop. For example, in his estimation, you have a limited amount of time to impress a player or before you lose them forever. Or as he told Sessler:
“You have a 30-40 minutes window to get the player to say ‘Holy @#$%!’ a bunch of times or else you lose their interest.”
But don’t expect some gee whiz and that’s it. When Schiller was with the Red Sox, he promised to break the team’s heroic pendant losing streak and delivered with their first World Series in 86 years. With Copernicus, he’s aiming at the fences with a multibillion dollar intellectual property. Holy $%@#, Warcraft.
The only other tidbit he let slip? The name 38 Studios wasn’t his first choice for the name of his company. 
“The domain name was available.”