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Flashy Friday: Vol. 2

This week on Flashy Friday we highlight two unique puzzle games and cover a classic racing game, all available in Flash on If you are looking for a time cruncher this weekend, please feel free click on the header links for each mini review.

Screw the Nut (Released 04/19/10)

Flashy Friday

Despite what you may think, there's no leather or gags involved. Screw the Nut is a physics-puzzle game in which you remove blocks in order to make the nut bolt roll onto the screw. The game feels similar to Crayon Physics Deluxe, in which you draw blocks in order to get an object to a predetermined goal indirectly.

The concept is pretty simple but, some of the later puzzles will strain a synaptic path or two, sometimes forcing you to use an obstacle to create momentum, and then eliminating that obstacle in order to open another path. It won't challenge you to the point of screen stare glaze, but the solution isn't immediately clear.

My only gripe with the game is that it is really short, even for a puzzle game, and can be completed under an hour. Still, it's worth a play-through, even if just to say that you screwed a nut today.

Atomic Puzzle (Released 04/22/10)

Flashy Friday

Atomic Puzzle takes the basic structure of atoms and forces you to match corresponding colors in order clear the board. The game sounds straight forward, but the mechanics are slightly disparate from most matching games.

The atoms' link patterns are crucial for success. In order to force two matching orbs to disappear, they need to be linked to another atom. Upon clicking that atom, it disappears from the board and causes the other same-colored atoms to collide and subsequently evaporate. Having the atom you click disappear is a subtle, yet effective way to increase the complexity of overused "match this" gameplay. In most matching games, if you know you need to join two tiles in order to eliminate something, and only one of those pieces remains, you know you have already lost. In Atomic Puzzle, you need the lone piece in order to win, which gives you significantly more choice.

This game is sneakily complex and unlike Screw the Nut, you might stare for a while. Prepare to be pleasantly frustrated.

Vector Runner (Released 08/13/10)

Flashy Friday

Vector Runner has you control a blue car that is moving at blinding speed. Your goal is to accumulate as many points as possible by staying alive and collecting point orbs scattered on the floor. The game starts off easy enough but, a few minutes in and you'll be moving at lightning speeds, having to weave out of the way of vector triangles. I guarantee you will hate triangles even more so than you did in trigonometry class.

Be warned however, this game is highly addictive. The reaction time necessary to avoid obstacles is challenging enough to keep you engaged, without disheartening futility.

On Kongregate, this game is one of the few to have an "impossible" badge worth 60 points to your overall gamerscore. This badge is ridiculously hard, but doable. You need to get 30,000 points in Vector Runner without getting hit. Keep in mind, that even though mines don't damage your car, they will prevent you from obtaining the badge, so keep trying to get invincibility (the white orb) while picking up as many 1,000 point purple orbs as possible. Good luck!


I know that we should not judge a game by its cover. But I will make exception on this one. I think the game is not that interesting. Just look at the cover pages they got there. - Trident University

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