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Outlook 2010: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Evan Narcisse

Evan Narcisse:
I got some hands-on multiplayer time with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at an EA event last year, and it felt like being dropped into a world of whizzing bullets and spontaneous death. Granted, a two-cocktail lunch in a crowded bar may not be the best place to come to grips with the learning curve of frantic online combat.

But that instance highlighted a problem I've always had with the series. Without significant tonal tweaks, the Battlefield games never make a lasting impression. The cartooniness of Battlefield Heroes and the earnest World War II vibe of Battlefield 1943 made them more memorable than other entries in the franchise. But all I remember about the previous Bad Company game is its "Three Kings"-style plot. The only other thing DICE's effort will have to stand on is gameplay. Maybe it'll be good enough to pull eyeballs away from Modern Warfare 2. But I expect well-executed blandness.

Gus Mastrapa

Gus Mastrapa:
Modern Warfare 2 may be the be-all and end-all of shooters, but no matter how awesome you are at the game you'll never get a kill by running an enemy over with a tank. Of course, there's more to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 than a few vehicles. I really dig the way the game forces players to fight along a front -- slowly pushing from one goal to the next. I spent a good many hours in the open beta, driving toward enemy encampments or holed up, fending off their advances. I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity do more of the same.

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