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Outlook 2010: Supreme Commander 2

Supreme Commander 2
Troy Goodfellow

Troy Goodfellow:

All I've read and seen about Supreme Commander 2 makes me wonder if Gas Powered Games understands that it is tinkering with a fragile thing. The Total Annihilation/SupCom fan base likes having a huge, awkward, fussy real-time strategy game. SupCom 2 has a more comprehensible economy, experience for units and even an attempt at a real story, for heaven's sake. Though still grand and supreme, SupCom 2 looks like a very conventional RTS. I hope Chris Taylor and his team know what they are doing.

I'm happy about some of the streamlining, but a part of me was always happy that a game as intimidating as Supreme Commander found an eager audience. But who could be upset about robot-killing machines? The core design concept of experimental units and the original futuristic setting haven't gone anywhere. After the multiplayer missteps for Demigod, the decision to move to Steam is especially welcome. GPG can use a trouble-free hit, and I hope this does it.

Tom Chick

Tom Chick: Demigod is clearly a sign that there are people at Gas Powered who know what it takes to make a good RTS. I hope some of them have popped their heads into the design meetings for Supreme Commander 2. And while the streamlining Troy talks about might alienate traditional Total Annihilation/Supreme Commander fans, I can't think of a better group to alienate. The games are notoriously hostile to new and casual players, so I'm all for Gas Powered doing whatever it takes to reach out beyond its insular niche. But mostly, I'm glad there's another big-budget traditional RTS on the horizon between now and StarCraft II.

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