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Game of the Year: Readers Weigh In

The strange thing about this games-writing gig is the occasional realization that we know very little about our readers' tastes. Sure, you guys chime in with comments, which gives us a little window of insight. And we glance at sales figures from time to time, but those are flawed: Just because something sells well doesn't mean that it inspires passion. I mean, how many people thought Madden NFL 10 was the best game this year? (Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that question.)

Since the end-of-year festivities are pretty much the only time when we're allowed a moment of reflection in this future-obsessed field, let's check in. How are you? Are you OK? I mean, really OK?

Tell us your favorite games of 2009, what you thought of our pick for Game of the Year, and what you're eager to play in 2010. These answers are legally binding and, as with all Internet polls, the choice with the biggest number next to it will be considered the only correct opinion. After you've said your piece by clicking a bunch of "Vote Now" buttons, explain yourself in the comments.

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