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A Gallery of Master Chief Enjoying Himself in Various Locations

Master Chief, the star of the Halo series, always feels right at home on the battlefield murdering aliens. But wouldn't it be fun to imagine him in other contexts, having fun in unexpected ways? It would? Oh, thank God. Because we just created a bunch of images with Master Chief engaging in a number of different pastimes. So if you had said "No," that would have been really embarrassing. Dodged a bullet there.

Without further ado, then, here is a gallery of Master Chief enjoying himself in various locations.

Master Chief plays Wheel of Fortune!

Playing "Wheel of Fortune"

Imagine if you turned on your television set to watch "Wheel of Fortune" and Master Chief was one of the contestants! That would be quite a surprise.

Master Chief goes on a hike!

Going on a Nature Hike With a Local Boy Scout Troop

It doesn't seem so safe to have futuristic guns around small children. Let's all hope that Master Chief is well-versed in firearm safety.

Master Chief participates in a beauty pageant!

Participating in a Chinese Beauty Pageant

There must have been some sort of oversight during the registration process. That's not very fair to all those nice girls who got into the contest fair and square. What a shame.

Master Chief examines a vehicle!

Shopping for a Motor Vehicle

That white one looks real nice, but what about in the winter, when it will show all the dirt and grit on the road? He should be thinking long-term.

Master Chief visits the NBA Finals!

Attending the NBA Finals as a Special Guest of Acclaimed, Academy Award-Winning Actor Jack Nicholson

Now that's a sharp get-up!

Master Chief Sails a Catamaran!

Sailing at Club Med With a Couple He Met at the Bar

You should have heard what Janet said last night. Master Chief woke up this morning still laughing about it. She should be a stand-up, that's what she should be.

Master Chief decides on a car!

Deciding on a Sensible Automobile That Meets His Needs

Whew. The silver one is a much better choice. Sporty yet practical.

Master Chief plays Skee-Ball!

Attempting to Beat a Little Girl's High Score in Skee-Ball

Master Chief knows that going for the 50-point circle is a sucker's move, but he just can't resist, darn it.

Master Chief teaches piano!

Teaching Brahms Piano Exercises

That key shift is a tricky little bugger. Let's slow the tempo a bit and try it again.

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