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How To...

There's a reason they call us the Game Trust. We know things. Using sophisticated computer simulations, scientists estimate that between all the Crispy Gamer writers, we have more than 32,000 years of combined gaming experience. After a couple dozen millennia, you pick up a few pointers. The shameful part is that we haven't been especially willing to share.

But now we're coming clean. If Pete Strackmeier can graciously show viewers How to Be a Joystick Master, then Crispy writers can tell their secrets, too. That's the goal of a new recurring feature called, simply enough, "How To..." We'll cover the tactics you won't find in a glossy strategy guide, and provide answers you can't get on GameFAQs. And if you have any questions you want answered, fire away in the comments. We're in a sharing mood.

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How to Hook Up Your PSP Go to Your HDTV, by Scott Jones


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