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30 Retro Game Ads in 30 Days: Space Alien, Carol Channing and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Try to Sell Atari

This vintage spot opens with a cheesy Star Wars-like space battle and footage of a space man who looks like Darth Vader's brother-in-law, Ron Vader. And then, look out, here comes Carol Channing! With her white hair and giant teeth, Carol Channing was one of our finest entertainers in her day. Just when you think things can't get any better, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shows up, only to get beaten by a little kid at that lousy Basketball game which features two sticks and a bouncing cursor. (Man, that game was so terrible.) To quote the great 20th-century poet John Teti, "Carol Channing sold negative one-million Ataris." How sage.

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Great features ! Would definitely recommend this to anyone. - Brenda Lee Reed

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