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30 Retro Game Ads in 30 Days: Cereal Showdown

A cereal showdown for today's "30 in 30" feature. First, Mario & Zelda cereal.

Pros: Offers a complete cereal "system" to address all of your breakfast needs. An opportunity to finally eat delicious Goombas.

Cons: No marshmallows. May cause your head to become stuck in a television.

Now, to Pac-Man cereal.

Pros: Marshmallows. Good song. Better dance.

Cons: Unlike Nintendo's two-cereals-in-one, Pac-Man cereal is only one-cereal-in-one.

Winner: They say that YOU CANNOT BEAT Nintendo, but Pac-Man wins this one hands-down -- or, rather, hands clapping in a Pac-Man-esque manner.

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This is interesting. I actually like this ideas here. - Brenda Lee Reed

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