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Blazing Prattles, Vol. #21

Blazing Prattles #21

This episode of Blazing Prattles features thoughts about the Wii Motion Plus and Nintendo, and ideas for getting Evan's girlfriend to play more videogames. Listen in and get all up in our business.

Runtime: 45 minutes and 55 seconds

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Choice Quotes from this episode of Blazing Prattles:

alt="Gus Mastrapa"/>

Gus Mastrapa: "I think the Wii Motion Plus is trying to fulfill the promise that we all expected way, way back when Red Steel [came out]. We wanted one-to-one swordfights; we wanted this really good way to interact with the screens for shooters and stuff. So, maybe it's an attempt to fulfill that, but I don't even know if anyone's going to try to fulfill that in a new game. We know where the money is in a Wii game, and it's not in creating an awesome one-to-one swordfight."

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