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Crispy Outlook 2009: Ghostbusters: The Video Game

alt="Gus Mastrapa"/>

Gus Mastrapa: We're lucky to be getting Ghostbusters: The Video Game at all. When Activision absorbed the game's publisher and opted not to "exploit" the Ghostbusters franchise, the game's future was foggy. Of course, Atari has stepped in to save the day, but I'm not entirely convinced the game is going to look all that great. Sure, the story was written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and it stars most of the original cast, but have you seen the trailer? It's not funny. Not by a long shot. So while we're going to get to see all the characters we loved from the first movie, I fear it's going to feel more like Ghostbusters cosplay than an honest-to-God continuation of the series. It takes more than Zuul and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to make a game like this great. You have to capture the anarchy and irreverence, two things that games fumble more than they nail.

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Kyle Orland: Even if the script is funny, though, does anyone really expect that sense of joy and humor is going to extend into the gameplay? Based on what I've seen, it looks like a pretty standard, relatively clunky third-person shooter that happens to be set in the Ghostbusters universe. Even if that gameplay is fast-paced and fun, it's unlikely to really feel like the movie, which was all about some wacky characters running around in the big city and struggling to be taken seriously. Cosplay is a good analogy here -- I predict the actual game parts will look a lot like Ghostbusters, but not actually connect with people on the same level that the movie did. The cut scenes might make the rest worth it -- I'm a little more optimistic than you are on that score -- but as for the game, I can't say I'm as psyched as everyone else.

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