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The Five: Call of Duty: World at War

Activision isn't stupid. They know Call of Duty sells like hotcakes whether it's the series' main team, Infinity Ward, at the helm or not. Even though World at War developer Treyarch has a varied COD track record, there are a few reasons why you should still keep your sights on this year's Call of Duty title.

1. Yeah, yeah, we know you have a bad taste in your mouth from Call of Duty 3. We do, too. However, there have been some major changes at Treyarch, and they have a dedicated team that's been working hard on wrapping WWII around Inifinity Ward's Call of Duty 4 engine. From what we've seen, it looks like they've made some impressive advances.

2. Yes, we also know it's World War II, but at least it's a nasty part of the Pacific theater that we rarely see. The Japanese don't fight like Germans, and you should expect some treacherous guerilla tactics. Fortunately you can flesh them out with a new flamethrower -- or even better, flame tanks. Good luck hiding in the brush or trees, ya' bastards!

3. For the first time in a Call of Duty game you'll get to play through the single-player campaign in four-player co-op. We can't wait to take to the battlefield by flushing out the enemy with flame throwers while our buddies are waiting with sniper rifles and machine guns. It's going to get messy.

4. Multiplayer is going to build on what made Call of Duty 4 so popular. You'll be able to level-up your soldier just like in Call of Duty 4, and Treyarch is adding new perks to the mix. You'll also get to pilot vehicles for the first time.

5. Treyarch has enlisted Kiefer Sutherland as a voice actor in the game, though we don't know exactly what role his character will play or how it will pan out -- we'll still be calling him Jack Bauer while we take on the Japanese.

The big question: Can Treyarch pull it off? The team has developed numerous Call of Duty titles, and even though Infinity Ward has developed the best of them, Treyarch has been afforded more time with World at War than their previous efforts. Building on an already incredible engine, adding four-player online co-op, and presenting a different take on the WWII shooter -- we're hoping Treyarch will hit their first home run with World at War.

This preview is based on a demo of the game not far outside of E3.