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The Five Things You Need to Know About Space Siege

Normally, I'll go to any length to see what Gas Powered Games has in the works. This time, it was pure luck as I happened to be in New York visiting the Crispy crew from my humid home in Florida when I found out Sega was holding an event showing off its holiday lineup for 2008. After getting a walkthrough from the game's project manager, this is what I took away:

title="Space Siege"> alt="Fight with Alien 1">

1) Space Siege looks like Dungeon Siege in its isometric third-person view. Art style has advanced from Dungeon Siege II thankfully, but still has the same look and feel, albeit in a space environment. Movement is still via point and click. Character movement was less than fluid on an average spec PC. I was assured that a high-end machine would not be needed.

2) Human, Cyborg or hybrid? The story's moral dilemma forces you to upgrade your body with cybernetic parts for a more run-'n'-gun style of game, or retain more of your humanity to allow a more strategic style of play. The endings to the game will be based on how human you are at the end of the game.

title="Space Siege"> alt="Fight with Alien 2">

3) Instead of gathering experience in this action RPG, you gather technology. The more you get, the more you can upgrade yourself. You also get a robot pet further into the game (think hunter's pet in World of Warcraft), which will fight for you. As a humorous aside, you can even teach your character to feign death.

4) The targeting system in the game immediately targets the most powerful enemy, in essence alerting you to a "kill me first" mystique. You can change the target by pointing and clicking if you want to try different strategies.

title="Space Siege"> alt="Space Ship Corridor">

5) Four-player co-op will be available, set in an entirely different locale (read: different ship) than the single-player game. That part of the game isn't totally fleshed out yet, since we couldn't get an answer to what the player gains from co-op in terms of rewards if they already have tricked-out their body completely. However, if you just want to hang with your buddies, drink a few beers, and gun down enemy aliens or cybernetic humans, then you should have fun.

The game is in beta and is being targeted for a late August release, give or take a few weeks. A demo is slated for July. As much as I have enjoyed the GPG games in the past, I really need to see more on this one and get my hands on it. As it stands now ? eh.

This preview was based on a publisher-driven beta version of the game.