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The Five Things You Need to Know About MadWorld

The 10-Cent Tour: The Wii gets yet another over-the-top, pointlessly gory title. Is it worth getting your -- um -- blood up for? Scott Jones gets his hands dirty. (The things I do for you people. Sheesh.)

Mad World

1. Oddly enough, MadWorld is being developed by the same people who made the relatively peaceful, very gentle (and environmentally-minded) Okami. Former employees of the now disbanded Clover Studios, including director Shigenori Nishikawa, are the people working on this curious game.

2. Plot-wise, details are scant thus far. All we know is this: You play a Marcus Fenix-type brute who finds himself inexplicably dropped into a futuristic television show called "Death Watch." Your goal: to kill, maim, and dismember with as much panache as possible. Is it just me, or does it suddenly smell like "Smash TV" up in here? Someone open up a window!

Mad World

3. And the Gears of War parallels continue: The brute's right hand is a bona fide chainsaw. I suppose that qualifies as an "Evil Dead 2" parallel, too. In addition to tossing opponents into whirling fans and saw blades, and onto conveniently placed spikes, you'll also get the chance to participate in "Price Is Right"-style mini-games. The mini-game I saw in action: Man Darts, a mini-game that challenged me to launch opponents towards a giant dart board. I had two minutes to max out my score. While this might sound like a bit of gruesome fun, two minutes, I must say, is an awfully long time to launch people at a dart board.

4. Though the game seems to borrow from Suda51 in tone and aesthetics (it feels very much like No More Heroes), it still manages to look quite unlike any other game we've seen so far this year. Or last year. Or the year before.

Mad World

5. The quintessential MadWorld moment so far: Uprooting a Caution sign and driving it through an enemy's head. If you're slapping your knee with laughter at the irony of this moment, then MadWorld is your kind of game, friend.

The Crispy Forecast: Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain. Most alarmingly, MadWorld is due to ship Q1 of 2009, yet the enemies still basically stand around like they're waiting for buses. (We were told that this was "a very early build," and that the game has already "come a long way." Considering Clover's track record -- they're clearly some very talented folks -- we're willing to give the game another look at a later date.

This game is scheduled for release in early 2009. This feature was based on a publisher-driven demo of the game.