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Blazing Prattles Podcast, Volume #5

Welcome back to a super-sized edition of Blazing Prattles, the podcast where the writers of Crispy Gamer talk about the latest developments in the videogame industry. First, Scott Jones and Evan Narcisse talk to Ben Judd, producer on Capcom?s upcoming Bionic Commando games, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Ben talks about the hard parts about modernizing a beloved classic and offers up some fascinating insights on the differences between Japanese and American gamers.

Next up, Scott Alexander, Scott Jones, Gus Mastrapa and Harold Goldberg join host Evan Narcisse to talk about what the Game Developers Conference means to the videogame industry. Is GDC the reigning king of game gatherings? Which game developers actually know how to talk about their games? What were the most impressive panels and demos? The discussion includes all this and more, so tune in.

Runtime: 37 minutes, 20 seconds

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