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Corpse Run 348: Cover thy virgin ears



Hey guys, its that time again!  Livestream time!  The next stream will be this Friday, September 20th at 10pm est.  Like I mentioned on Monday, I’m gonna try doing a stream sans doodling, which means there’s extra time for games!

We’ll be picking up where we last left off in Resident Evil 4 (which is still pretty early into the game), so if you wanna see a chunk of RE4 and ask me questions/laugh at how horrible I am at playing, come check it out!

To watch the stream, click either here or here.

See you then!


My first playthough of Fire Emblem: Awakening continues and I really can’t get over how much a breath of fresh air this game is for me.  I never really play tactics games outside of Civilization, so this is a nice change-up from the Borderlands 2 dominated last few months.

Not that I don’t like Borderlands, cause it’s totally awesome, but I really needed a break.

Anyway, in an attempt to stay PG, characters in Fire Emblem refer to less than favorable types as “dastards.”

I’m aware that dastard is a word, but it’s not commonly used as an insult anymore.

Or for the last century or two.

Sure, it’s more kid friendly than saying “bastard,” but this is a military tactics game… we’re killing people.


I think we can handle Chrom and company dropping the “B” bomb.