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The next livestream is totally this Friday, May 17th at 10pm est!  As always, I’ll be taking doodle suggestions, talking about nonsense from the last week and will be playing games afterward!

Similar to last week, I’ll be mixing it up with the game I’ll be playing so… get ready wooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

The stream can be viewed by clicking either here or here.

See you then!


Roommate Jackie, by trade, is an educator.  She teaches in a school, works with kids who get behind, and provides tutoring services.  She tried to teach me something Wednesday…

She tried to teach me patty-cake.  Specifically, a game she referred to as “numbers.”

In numbers, after a simple starting clap, you are supposed to slap both hands with your partner, first backhand, then normal.  For every new round, you add additional back/front slaps, which are separated by a single normal self clap.

If it sounds complicated, it isn’t, but it is for me.

We tried it at least twenty times, and nearly all of them went like this:


Clap, cross slap, clap, cross slap, clap clap, back slap, front slap, clap, cross slap, clap, cross slap, clap clap, freeze up-


I just couldn’t do it.  After almost every first iteration of the pattern, I’d totally brain fart and screw up, leading to obscenity and me throwing myself to the floor in frustration.

I am super good at being an adult.




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