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Corpse Run 305: Projectile dysfunction




The next livestream will be this Friday, April 26th at 10pm est!

If you wanted to catch the last livestream but weren’t able to attend, you can view it here: part 1, part 2.

See you then!


As far as I’m aware, I’ve never actively tried to impress a girl by showing off any talents or gadgets or what-have-you.  Part of that stems from me not possessing any neat talents to show off, and the rest comes from the fact that I’m a puny noodle armed dude that won’t be wooing anyone based on my physical prowess.

That said, if I tried to impress someone, I’d have about as much success as Link has in the comic above.

A note on the item Link uses in the strip, the beetle: it’s awesome.  It’s one hundred percent totally useful and awesome.  By tilting and rotating the Wii-mote, you guide the little mechanical bug around the map, picking up items, knocking switches, cutting ropes, dropping bombs, etc.  Even when faced with a puzzle that doesn’t require the beetle, you can use it to safely scout around the area to search for a solution.

There is one problem, however.  In my short time with Skyward Sword, there have been a number of occasions where I needed the beetle to hit something and…

It.  Just.  Couldn’t.  Reach.

As the beetle flies around, it makes a little put put noise that, upon failure, struggles and dies out.  There’s probably some poignant message that can be learned from watching a little, overmatched underdog giving its all, only to fail just at the last moment but…

…watching the beetle in its death throes is too amusing.




This is funny. I like it. Keep it coming. - J. Kale Flagg

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