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Corpse Run 259: One fish, two fish, gun fish... gun fish




Woah!  The next livestream will be tomorrow, Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 10pm est!  That’s tomorrow!  Wowza!

There will be doodles where I try to mash together a bunch of your requests (with varying degrees of success), there will be a lot of Disney music, and then some game playing at the end!  I think I’ll start with A slower speed of light, a weird little MIT game, and then move on from there.

The stream cam be viewed by clicking here or here.


For some reason, I really hope that Valve magically sees this strip and makes the “Sentry with some Fish on it” a real TF2 weapon.  I’m not really sure what the special ability of this turret would be (maybe it slows the target, or creates a slick, fish goo surface that enemies will slide around on, I dunno) but it should be something totally silly.

If anyone has a Valve hook-up… now is the time.

So, as I showed in Kat’s Korner yesterday, I dressed up as Lincoln to go vote.  Along the way I enjoyed attracting the “wtf” stares of passerby and one guy at the polling place that gave me a huge smile and a wave while on my way out.

Later that night, I donned the costume again to order some food at McDonalds, where the guy running the register looked up at me and silently mouthed “huh?” before hesitantly asking for my order.

My order?  To maintain the Union.

No, I didn’t say that.

But I really should have… an opportunity lost.

Anyways, since Monday’s post I received a whole bunch of entries for the First Annual Corpse Run Halloween Costume/Pumpkin/whatever you send in contest!  Cool!  I just want to say that I really loved everything you guys sent in, and will have a tough time picking out the winners.

I really wish I could give out the supremely prized Derpigator buttons to everyone, but sadly, I only have a few.  Results will be revealed on Monday!

Finally, I’m shocked to report that it’s been snowing for the last few hours in the city… I should probably avoid leaving my apartment.




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