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Corpse Run 187: Closet rhythm



I’m gonna go out on a limb here and make the assumption that most of you guys haven’t heard of Rhythm Heaven Fever, a totally awesome game that came out recently for the Wii.  In addition to rhythmically tapping along to a post wrestling match interview, other games include playing badminton between two one man airplanes, kicking balls away from a gophers nest while on a date, rolling seals, and many many more.  Silliness abounds in Rhythm Heaven, so if you have a chance to play it, be sure to take the opportunity!

Seriously, the videos don’t really do the game justice, you have to play it in order to see how awesome it is!

In other news, some of you guys may have noticed that I put a little thumbnail thingy to the left (assuming you're at, which will now feature thumbs of the most recent Kat’s Korner posts.  Hopefully, this will force me to make sure there’s stuff there more often.  I’ll go on the record as saying this: expect something in Kat’s Korner every weekday there isn’t a comic (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday).  If I really light a fire under my butt, there will be occasional weekend stuff there.

Readers have been pointing out that I haven’t really touched KK in like, forever, so this is my attempt to get myself more disciplined!

On a totally random note, a friend came to our apartment today to cut and dye Jackie’s hair.  I was watching and noticed that there would be some left over dye and said (jokingly) “Hey, you should dye my hair once you’re done with Jackie.”

She did.

My hair is naturally black so the dye isn’t too noticeable, but at the right angle in light, my hair is totally red.  Fortunately I don’t walk around with lights behind me, but I do like having a change for the time being.




This revolution, the information revoultion, is a revolution of free energy as well, but of another kind: free intellectual energy. It's very crude today, yet our Macintosh computer takes less power than a 100-watt bulb to run it and it can save you hours a day. What will it be able to do ten or 20 years from now, or 50 years from now?
writing a essay

I tried my best to take my time with it, but I blasted through everything in a couple days anyway just because Rhythm Heaven Fever is so addictive that I felt utterly compelled to always play it. - Scott Sohr

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