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Corpse Run 177: Fun for the whole family



Something like this seems to happen every time I’m playing word games with new people, family members, or children.  This past Friday, I went to my first Nerd NYC event, where I mostly stood around being awkward and anti-social until I was saved by an old college games club friend who happened to be there as well.

Now partnered up with someone I knew (and his GF), we were able to pair up (in a Katamari kind of way) with another couple to play Bananagrams.  My first few words included the lovely “rape,” “grope.” and “tits.”  Nothing makes a good impression while meeting new people like having that fantastically creepy set of words in front of you.  It was only when I drew another G and made “rape” “grape” was I able to feel a bit more normal.

Even when I am able to make a long word in Scrabble it always happens to be something like “sodomite.”  Nothing can ever just be pleasant for once.

Anywho, the Nerd NYC event was pretty fun, they’re a neat-o group whose site you can check out here!

Quick note about the ACTA thing that I mentioned last time.  Apparently the US has already signed it and a number of European nations will be signing it today… incredible…  I’m really not sure what to say about this other than that I have serious doubts the internet will be recognizable within the next ten to fifteen years… buckle up, everyone.




the word was really created as rape. That is coincident, maybe he shoudl pick another letter. - Scott Sohr

These types of word games are so much fun to play. You get to know and share new words and their meanings with others. I keep playing these word games on facebook all the time.

stair treads

It sounds like you were able to pull out some good words during the game after all. I agree that it is a little strange being in a place where you don't seem to know anybody so I'm glad you found someone that you did know.

Playing "Words With Friends" or "Scrabble" can be a little daunting if you wonder whether they really do happen when all you can come up with are words that people don't generally make everyday chit chat with.

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