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Corpse Run 164: Why I have trouble sleeping



Does you mind wander when you're trying to sleep? Mine does, right off a friggin cliff. The random brain fart detailed above is honestly one of the tamer things that has popped into my mind while attempting to gracefully fall into slumber.

As you might imagine, I often have a real hard time entering the land of the counted sheep.

Back on Friday I was riding the train, doing my Rubik's cube as normal, when a guy sitting next to me said he was impressed. I quickly used my "it's a good time waster" routine and thanked him for the comment. Normally, the conversation ends right there, but this dude kept asking me about the cube, so I went into TEACHING MODE!!! (tm).

Despite the man constantly exclaiming that his "brain doesn't work that way," I was able to get him to complete an entire layer of the cube. The guy was ecstatic.

"By the way," he said when his stop had come, "my name's Anthony." We said our goodbyes, him also mentioning that he was heading off to a meeting concerning "the revolution."

I assume that means Anthony is an Occupy Wall Street organizer, to whom I say fight the good fight!




He will really have trouble sleeping if he continues to fantasize about Rosie O'Donnell. Never good to imagine sleazy things to that woman. - Trident University

It is funny how the brain works and anyone who says that their "brain doesn't work that way" is limiting themselves to a certain type of thinking and understanding of many things.

Dreams and rubics cubes leads us to really wonder how the brain works if you have too much time and how others may feel that they don't have certain capacities.

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