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I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that does this. EVERY TIME I have a voice message, I say goodbye as if I'm actually talking to someone. Fortunately, no one's usually around to see me do it. Let's make this our secret.

Alright, so, story time! The event that I am about to describe to all of you actually took place a few months ago, but has since never made it into a blogpost. I figure that since today's strip is a little plain now's a good time for it.

So, there's a school right down the street from my apartment, and the children (very large children) often get into fights, which take place on the sidewalk, in the streets, etc. Usually, the fights are pretty tame, but every once in a while, the proverbial shit hits the fan and knives are pulled out.

Enter me.

I'll admit that I don't do laundry often, I let clothes pile up until my floor is no longer recognizable. Therefore, when I actually do head out to the laundromat, my vision is completely obscured by my giant bag of foul smelling unmentionables.

As I'm walking, I start to hear kids yelling and screaming, but since these are pretty normal sounds in my area, I dismiss them and move forward.

Suddenly, everything gets quiet...

A yell breaks the silence, "Yo, what the @#^& is this guy doing?"

I look up from my laundry bag and see that I'm standing between two panting kids, knives drawn, and wearing the most confused look I had ever seen in the wild.

"Ummmmm," I mutter, "Laundry day..." and walk onward.




This is really hilarious. I laugh out loud on this one. - Dr. Mark Denker

I have done this before. Once a friend left a really long message and I found myself agreeing with her and as she kept talking I remembered that it was a voicemail. This is really funny.

There will be more gambling at an online casio for me (the casino gambler) in the future because I love to try my luck at winning money.

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