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Corpse Run 144: Dressed to impress



This was the first time in months that I had a Saturday off from work, so I was planning for an awesome weekend. Everything started off great on Friday, when I met some friends at Max Brenner (a chocolate themed restaurant that is just oh so good), but overall it was kind of been a bummer:

The weekend was capped off with a tremendously awful performance by the Jets, which, if you've been with the strip for a while, really has a negative effect of my mood.

Anyways, I tried to bring myself to play some New Vegas, and after having an incredibly satisfying beatdown of Benny, I looted his suit, which does in fact give you +5 to speech (and barter). For anyone who knows how awkward I am in person, I think we'd all agree that no amount of spiffy clothing could make me suave.

Then again, maybe that's a good thing; I certainly wouldn't want old men bearing it all at the store.





This is really funny. I love the storyline though. Keep it up. - JustFab


I am not really sure of the thought of this comic and I don't understand it, may be if the writer elaborated it further then that would be great. - Dr. Mark Denker

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