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Corpse Run 073: Buh-dum tissssch

Equal parts giggle and groan.



They are really correct. It is more fun to play in video games than the real one because of their height. - Scott Sohr

Yours is a fool's dream. A fool's DREAM!!! Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

I've been loosing all faith in Bethesda not long after Morrowind came out. After that it seemed as though the quality of their games continued to plummet. Skyrim using the new Creation Engine might be a step in the right direction, but while new it is still based on the Gamebryo engine which both Oblivion and the Fallout games used. If I had any faith at all in the studio's ability to design a bug free (or at least bug light) engine, then I'd be excited about it, but until I see it in action I'm not expecting much from it.

The only good news is that they're going to use the Havok Behavior software for character animations instead of the crappy system they were using before. Then again, they're abandoning SpeedTree for an inhouse designed bit of software. SpeedTree is used to create realistic looking plants and trees in games.

I just hope they contract the writing portion of the game off to Obsidian. Bethesda can't make compelling story or characters to save their lives.

YEAHHHHH! I like this comic. I hope that Skyrim will be better than that as well.

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