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Corpse Run 072: It never is

I like to keep this strip focused on video games, but every once in a while I will make a sports comic. Today, I got to mix the two.
There is a stigma about people who play video games that communicates that we, as a group, are unathletic (beanpole or overweight), socially awkward, and almost religiously opposed to jocks/sports. I find that to be incorrect.
We are unathletic and socially awkward, but I fucking love sports. More specifically, I fucking love the New York Jets. On any given week, I will spend the majority of my free time reading Jet related news, studying opponents, drawing up plays for Crispy Gamer's Richard Rodriguez on my tablet... so much of my life seems to be geared toward a group of men that in all likelyhood I will never meet in person. Professional athletes are a fantasy. They are an escape.
That's why it hurts so much when they lose; even in fantasy, little in my life goes right.
So it goes.
On a less gloomy note, my couch was not actually destroyed last night. So I can like, still sit in it and stuff.


The Jets should be nicknamed the Super Bowl Bridesmaid. They have participated to a lot of Super Bowl but they didn't win any. - Scott Sohr

The Giants hurt themselves in confusion.

Hahahaha, well done Alex. Just so you know, Eli Manning tried using Dig in Week 15 against the Eagles. It was also not very effective.

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