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  • Neverwinter's going both MMORPG and 4th Ed. next year, and I'm realizing just how cuttable my wrists are these days.   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I've been playing PC games in the Forgotten Realms setting for almost 2 decades now (when did Baldur's Gate 1 come out?) and if it's one thing I can say for certain, it's that Faerun is about as "plain Jane" as you can get with a fantasy setting. Everything is as mild as possible with no real darkness or complexity. That's probably to be expected since D&D is aimed at teens and young adults, but to say that Forgotten Realms is "interesting" may be a stretch, at least as far as its PC game showings.

    It sounds like the 4th Edition people felt the same way and decided "screw it...burn the MFer down!" Plus I'm not sure how they are going to be compete with the free-to-play (and very fun, I might add) Dungeons and Dragons Online. 

  • Corpse Run 028: Keeping Current   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Yep. That's why I'm sticking with my Blackberry.

  • Bioshock Infinite Debut Trailer   3 years 50 weeks ago

    It looks pretty interesting, but I can't help but feel a bit pissed that this is what Ken Levine's working on instead of a damned X-Com game. So we get Bioshock in a floating city, and an X-Com reboot from a Austrailian company I wouldn't trust enough to feed my bloody cat while I'm on vacation!

    Grumbling aside, it looks cool and I can't wait to see some ingame screen shots.

    There are no big daddies or little sisters, but that wierd robot hand in the cutscene definately has potential.

  • Own Your Own R2-D2   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Yeah, not surprised. Lucas'll sell out the moment he sniffs money. The man practically invented merchandising. Though I'd hope that the R2-D2 droid is more than just a white case and a paintjob on the back. It seems like it would be an oppertunity to have some fun. Maybe include some SW based apps designed special for the phone.


    Of course silly me, that would require extra effort.

  • Android Trans-Reality Game - Zombie, Run!   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Yet another reason for me to get a Droid. ;p


    I do love my Blackberry though. I just wish the dang thing had some interesting (ie: zombie related) apps like this one. This looks kinda fun. Like a mix between Geocaching and running for your life to escape a messy death.  

  • The Top 10 games that made me want to kill someone   3 years 51 weeks ago

    I could not agree more especially on Lair and Fallout... what were they thinking! Does anyone watch WCG ultimate gamer? last season i loved the show but they did not play my fav games SO FRUSTRATING. its back on this thurs on syfy at 11/10c...hoping they stepped up their game. watch and lemme know what you think.

  • Like Video Games? Like Drinking? Live in the NYC Area?   4 years 1 week ago

    Agreed!  It was particularly rough because it was the Warrior that was jammed, and without a tank, our dungeon run was just not happening. :/

  • The Top 5 Games That Desperately Need Sequels   4 years 1 week ago

    I didn't mention X-Wing or Wing Commander as I kinda forgot about them. I suppose I've kinda passed off the ship piloting sim genre as passed, but then that's exactly why it needs to be revitalized. If someone could bring back the genre that would be amazing as I loved those games. But as it is, I don't think the old flight sim style of gameplay/design would work well these days (it needed a bit of patience as I recall), so a redesign is definately needed.


    And Rez, great game. I'm pretty sure I saw something on the E3 coverage from this year about a Rez sequel (or something like it) being in the works. Though I doubt a new one would include a..."rumble pack on a cord" accessory like the original. Much to the dissapointment of some of the female fans out there I'm sure. I'm not going to link to it here or mention it outright, but Game Girl Advance did an article on it years ago. If you google that site and Rez you might find it. The author talks about what she um...enjoyed about Rez. (Warning: It's not a child friendly article and there are pictures. You've been warned.) 

  • Review: Alien Swarm   4 years 1 week ago

    Things I would like to see vanish from Sci-fi movies and games:

    1) Kinda dark ships.

    Have you ever actually seen pictures from the Space Station or the Shuttle? Ever notice how brightly lit they are? So why (aside from providing cliched spooky environments) are space stations and ships in sci-fi games so badly lit? Why have massive stretches of poorly lit corridors with badly sealed piping that drips everywhere. At least Star Trek did this one right. Every room, tunnel, and access hatch that could require human contact in order to do repairs, was brightly lit and designed with efficiency in mind. Hell, even the Turbolift shafts were well lit (in the movie where the original crew encounters "god"). It's not like it's a power issue. You have a giant friggin reactor providing enough energy to travel the stars. Its like some asshole in accounting decided to save $2000 on the budget for a 30 Billion dollar ship, by skimping on the lightbulbs.

    In the otherside, shouldn't powerloss be accompanied by PURE darkness. If the light goes out in space then guess what? Unless your in a room with a window facing the damned sun that means there is no light whatsoever. As annoying as it was you had to give Doom 3 props for actually providing pure darkness in a poweroutage in space. You can blame emergency lighting systems, but who the hell designs a system like that to only provide enough illumination to see walls by and not enough to read or FIX THE DAMNED SHIP by? Why not just cover every wall with tubes and tubes of bright chemical lighting for those situations?


    2) Sewers

    No one likes them and unless your in a massive city with a million plus population, there's no reason for you to have a massive sewer system that's half full of water and has standing room for 4 grown men standing shoulder to shoulder. A small town can run on a sewer system that uses pipes less than 2 feet across. Now the drainage sewers can be a different issue and you need alot of room in those. Even still, why the hell does a desert planet or space station need a damned drainage sewer system!!!!


    3) Oblivious Officers

    Your in space. Your leading a team of marines/search and rescue personal/insurance claim investigators, and you just lost contact with a ship/station/colony full of people. And what do you do? You send everyone in unarmed and undersupplied, expecting everything to be ok.

    They even do this in frikking ALIENS games, where they know about this crap happening!

    How about this. You send in your subordinates armed to the teeth and expecting horrible monsters that want to kill them. Then, the moment you see ANYTHING weird like man eating aliens, bloody corpses everywhere, or strange biological/robotic goo/growths, you pull them all back to the ship and you either Leave and blow it up, or you leave and then call in the guys from F.E.A.R.

  • Masterful Oregon Trail Fake Movie Trailer   4 years 1 week ago

    "I want 4 Oxen and as many bullets as 16 hundred dollars will buy!"


  • The Top 5 Games That Desperately Need Sequels   4 years 1 week ago

    Wing Commander needs some love. I've kind of given up on X-Wing because Lucasarts has it's head jammed up it's ass the last 10 years or so.

    I used to play the crap out of this ancient game called "The Lost Vikings" ( You had to solve puzzles and what not to progress through the levels. The sequels sucked if I recall. This would be a perfect little XBLA or Steam game. I dunno. But Limbo is pretty cool so there is still a market for platform games.

    10 million years ago, back in the 80's, I played the hell out of Archon and Archon 2 on my C-64. They could use some polishing, hell don't even change the gameplay just pretty 'em up and I'd pay $10 for it.

    I wanted to like Evil Genius but got sick of it for the exact reasons you listed.

    An updated version of Rez was released on XBLA a couple years ago, basically the same game as the PS2 version (which I never played) but with some updates to the graphics. I enjoyed the hell out of that, but there is NO replay when you're done. I need some new Rez. My wife liked the music.

  • Review: Alien Swarm   4 years 1 week ago

    I downloaded it because, hey, it was free. But Starcraft 2 is consuming most of my free time recently.

  • Like Video Games? Like Drinking? But Don't Live in the NYC Area?   4 years 1 week ago

    That's... that's just intense.  Here's the list of games they have as well.

    TAITO Legends:
    Space Invaders,Space Invaders II, Bubble Bobble, Elevator Action, Rastan, New Zealand Story, Plotting(aka Flipull), Jungle Hunt, Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, Rainbow Islands, Phoenix Colony 7, Electric YoYo, Zoo Keeper, Great Swordsman, Gladiator, Exisus, Plump Pop, Super Qix, Battle Shark, Continental, Circus, Volfied, Ninja Kids, Space Gun, ThunderFox, Tube It, Return of the Invaders, and Tokio.

    Konami Classics:
    Castlevania, Castlevania II, Castlevania III, Contra, Super C

    720 Degrees, Blaster Bubbles, Defender, Defender II, Gauntlet, Joust, Joust 2, Klax, Marble Madness, Paperboy, Rampage, Rampart, Road Blasters, Robotron: 2084, Root Beer Tapper, Satan's Hollow, Sinistar, Smash TV, SPLAT!, Spy Hunter, Super Sprint, Toobin', Vindicators.

    Midway Deluxe:
    Mortak Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat III, Xybots, NARC, APB, Cyberball 2072, Timber, Total Carnage, Pit Fighter, Wizard of Wor, Xenophobe, Primal Rage, Arch Rivals, Rampage World Tour, Kozmik Krooz'r, Championship Sprint, Hard Drivin', Wakco, Badlands, Hydro Thunder, Off Road Thunder: Mud, Sweat, 'N' Gears, Race Drivin', San Francisco Rush the Rock: Alcatraz Edition, San Francisco Rush 2049, S.T.U.N. Runner, Super Off Road.

    Pretty good if you ask me! Now only if I had $3,500 to spare....

  • Like Video Games? Like Drinking? Live in the NYC Area?   4 years 1 week ago

    The ONLY problem I had with Barcade when we went was how one of the Gauntlet characters didn't work. That was a total bummer because we HAD four people all willing to play. I think we still would have gotten our asses kicked though.

    My favorite there was the Robotron cart. Though I'm pretty sure it was intended as a wholly single-play experience, with me controlling movement and my friend shooting, there was a lot of raging, which is awesome. It reminded me of when we would play two-player Geometry Wars like that at Games Club. Good times.

    We should go there again Michael. We have to give Gauntlet another shot!

  • Game of the Decade: Division Finals   4 years 1 week ago

    I would like to play this games. They are so interesting.

  • Like Video Games? Like Drinking? Live in the NYC Area?   4 years 1 week ago

    In Texas they call this Dave & Busters. Complete with very overpriced pool tables and mediocre overpriced food.

    But I like the looks of this one, looks a little more casual, intimate. Dave & Busters are all huge places and are as friendly and intimate as an international airport.

  • Creative Energy   4 years 1 week ago

    Mana Energy Potions are actually pretty good, though they taste exactly how you think alot of Vitamin B would taste. It's essentially twice the amount of ingrediants (give or take) you'd get in a 5-Hour Energy drink.

    However, those red Health Energy Potions taste awful. Bleh ;p

  • Alien Swarm PSA: How Not to Cure Infestation   4 years 2 weeks ago

    My newsletter, you say? Well, I decided to write this PSA after someone tried using #5 on me (as I was healing myself, no less). So if I see anyone attempting something even stupider than "healing" through chainsaw therapy, you can expect to hear from me again.

  • Sims 3: Late Night will give our computers a major case of Deja Vu this fall.   4 years 2 weeks ago

    Of course, there is the option of just being lazy and saying yeti, but then what's one called? Is it a Yetum?

  • Alien Swarm PSA: How Not to Cure Infestation   4 years 2 weeks ago


    Hmmmm. Your opinions intrigue me and I would like subscribe to your newsletter.

  • The Top 10 games that made me want to kill someone   4 years 2 weeks ago

    OMG those Red Letter Media movie reviews are awesome. I was a little disappointed he didn't do SW Episode 3. They are a little long but I love the Phantom Menace review where he goes down to the basement and that chick is chained up.

  • Sims 3: Late Night will give our computers a major case of Deja Vu this fall.   4 years 2 weeks ago

    Strange, I never thought about the plural form of Bigfoot. I think your inclination of Bigfeet is correct. If it isn't.... then well, it should be that way.

  • WoW Macros For Your Feet!   4 years 2 weeks ago

    Lol....  Yes, probably ;D

  • WoW Macros For Your Feet!   4 years 2 weeks ago

    Wow. Wow. That is quite ridiculous. You're gonna get one, aren't you Michael?

  • The Top 10 games that made me want to kill someone   4 years 2 weeks ago

    Whisky, I love your numbering system. I didn't know Atomic bomb could be a number. Good stuff.