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  • Corpse Run 087: Peter Molyneux's Pokemon Black and White   3 years 20 weeks ago

    An open letter to Peter Molyneux,

    Enough with the Fable sequels. Please give us Black and White 3!!

  • Awkward Zombie: Fighting Fire With Fire Fighting   3 years 20 weeks ago

    That is a terrible terrible joke and you're a bad person for making it.


    Well done. ^_^

  • Awkward Zombie: Please Don't Rob Me   3 years 21 weeks ago



    or else my life is RUINED FOREVER!!!  WHERE ARE MY KEYS?

  • Corpse Run 085: High fidelity   3 years 21 weeks ago

    It's all about FF9 dude, best FF ever.  FF8 is a close second for me.

  • Corpse Run 085: High fidelity   3 years 21 weeks ago

    I still think that the last FF worth playing was 3 (or 6 if you like). FF 7 is the largest overhyped, nostalgia-fueled game in history. I haven't been able to take a JRPG seriously since then.

  • Corpse Run 085: High fidelity   3 years 21 weeks ago

    I get the impression that most Japanese developers still kinda think that most gamers are 12. They certainly craft most of their characters and stories under that assumption (been playing a fair bit of DS lately).

  • Corpse Run 085: High fidelity   3 years 22 weeks ago

    I'd definitely say that the quality of JRPGs on the whole has decreased, but I still have a soft spot for them; for example Rouge Galaxy (2007) was an excellent, recent JRPG... wait a minute...

  • Corpse Run 085: High fidelity   3 years 22 weeks ago

    Errr. Good storytelling? I present to you the FFX laughing scene.

    I jest. I jest. Despite this scene, I enjoyed FFX as well.

  • Player-2: Dofus'd Up (Guest Comic)   3 years 22 weeks ago

    Huh. Well that's fairly obscure. Thought I was missing out on some new meme.

  • Player-2: Dofus'd Up (Guest Comic)   3 years 22 weeks ago

    It's an old free-to-play MMORPG. Never played it myself. Enutrof is one of the character classes in the game.

    Best part of that wikipedia article is the first sentence. "Not to be confused with doofus."

  • Player-2: Dofus'd Up (Guest Comic)   3 years 22 weeks ago

    What the hell is Dofus and Enutrof?

  • 3DS vs. NGP   3 years 22 weeks ago

    The biggest problem I had with the PSP at its release was the price. Both systems seemed to have some good games, but the PSP was a whopping $100 extra. I couldn't afford that. I think that, besides the fact that the PSP didn't have too many good games in early years and was competing with a tried-and-true handheld franchise, the price was what brought it down. All we know for sure is that the PSP2 will cost under $600. Sites are clamoring everywhere, saying that it will cost $250, while Gamestop "leaked" the price at $300. If what I'm hearing is true, the 3DS won't stand a chance in the long run. Both developers are proven in the handheld industry now, and with games like Uncharted, COD, Killzone, and others along with the Android game library, the game list is pretty good.


    @ Chase Slaton:

    The PSP2 will have the Android game library in the PSN store, so more DS-like games will be available (can anybody say Angry Birds or Tiny Wings?). Also, Little Deviants and Smart As look pretty good as well, while not really seeming to have that "fancy graphics" vibe.

    Sony really does need to stop trying to prevent homebrew. Maybe, to appease homebrew fans, they should make a system dedicated to homebrew games and apps? I just really don't like the constant patches to the system's firmware. Did you know that Sony paid off one of the biggest PSP hackers so that he would stop hacking the PSP? Well, what happened next... others took his place. It won't stop.

    ...Microsoft handheld... *snicker*

  • Corpse Run 083: Reality   3 years 23 weeks ago

    That last panel is excellent. You've been playing Oblivion a lot haven't you?

  • 3DS vs. NGP   3 years 23 weeks ago

    I think that the only chance that the NGP has is if Sony learned their lesson with dropping the ball on the PSP. One of the big things that the DS had over the PSP was a library of rather entertaining and enjoyable games. What'd the PSP give us? Things that looked and played like ports of old PS2 games. Look at the DS, it's games aren't clones of Wii titles. They're mostly designed with the DS and portable gaming in mind. The only times I ever saw anything on the PSP come anywhere near that was with Patapon and LocoRoco. Killzone for the NGP might help with the initial sales, but for the system to float they're going to need their own system specific titles. Good games that are fun enough that cartoonish graphics don't take anything away from them.

    They also spent far too much time and money trying (unsuccessfully) to prevent gamers from doing one of the few things that the PSP was great for. Running homebrew applications.

    Do I think Sony's learned their lesson? Not really. But hey, it could be worse. Microsoft could be trying to put out a handheld console.


  • Top 8 Video Game Innuendos   3 years 23 weeks ago

    I liked the wild woody game, it's nice as well as it's liked challenge to win it...

    Thanks fro sharing.

  • Corpse Run 082: ...hadouken   3 years 23 weeks ago

    Your friends don't seem to understand why games are fun, especially adversarial multiplayer games. If their only concern is winning, no matter how un-fun it is for the other person, they sound like really awful people to hang with. No offense ;P

  • Why Do Games for Girls Suck?   3 years 23 weeks ago

    As a girl gamer, I'm going to dispute the notion that "girls don't play games." I think that it's just the ways that girls play games that are different. While there are some girls (like me) who play XBox, PS3, NDS and paid MMOs, most teen to adult girls will not buy a console to play games on. A console is expensive, and the games for it even more so. I hate nothing more than spending $50-60 on a console game that I'm going to play, alone, by myself in my living room. I'd rather spend that $60 on a nice meal out with friends, or save it for something else I really want.

    However, you don't have to go far to see that girls of all ages and nationalities are hooked on Facebook games. My mother (age 60) is a prime example. She loves Farmtown, and Hatchlings, and a whole host of other social networking games. The few that I have played (Restaraunt City, Pet Society) have had more active female players than male players. Girls I went to High School with 10 years ago who wouldn't touch an XBox are playing these games for hours a day. How about iPhone games? Every single person I know who owns an iPhone has games that they love to play on it - male or female.

    Women tend to be more social gamers, playing games together like Rock Band or Raving Rabbids or even Facebook games. They like games that can be put down when something else comes up. Most guy-games require a long time commitment and disconnect you from the rest of the world. This is not how women function, and why most women don't play console/male-oriented games.

    I also wanted to respond to the article directly and say that I agree - you need to make games more emotionally connected to women. The TV show "Rome" on HBO was a perfect example of this male/female connection. You had a story driven by historical events and figures with fighting, bloodshed, quick action and what we can call "testosterone." But alternating scenes were backstory that may not have existed in real life of some characters (mostly female) plotting to manipulate the course of events using politics, guile, sex, and any other means at their disposal. What came together was a show that both men and women wanted to watch together - each scene was just long enough to give the target audience what it wanted, but not long enough that either audience lost interest. That's what we need to do make games that both genders will want to play.

  • Xenogears arrives on PSN this week to remind gamers what a Good JRPG looks like.   3 years 23 weeks ago

    I recetly bought and played this game for the first time, and iits blinding my eyes with beams of pure awsome.

  • Review: Dungeons   3 years 23 weeks ago

    I know what you mean, I feel like I've been riped off more than the native americans who used to live where New York is.

  • Internet's Fastest Game Reviews: House of the Dead: Overkill   3 years 23 weeks ago

    Hey, I clicked on the link and the page requested doesn't exist. Thus, it seems like it's been one of the most waited Wii games of 2009, self-proclaiming itself "the hardcore you've been waiting for". It was also the very first original console House of the Dead that wasn't connected to an arcade release.

  • Nintendo Announces 3DS Launch Titles   3 years 24 weeks ago They couldn't pop out another Zelda game for the launch? It's not like they're sacred or anything, they've made 17 of em so far. Even then, the one planned for the 3DS for later on is only a remake of Ocarina of Time.

  • Corpse Run 080: Divide by zero   3 years 24 weeks ago


    That's the girl Alex was referencing. Oh please, will someone help her hair?

  • Xenogears arrives on PSN this week to remind gamers what a Good JRPG looks like.   3 years 24 weeks ago

    Man Rich, I would've let you borrow it though I always considered selling the game. I've seen it priced up to $150 on eBay. Now that this is being released to the masses, though, it'll be harder to sell this game at a ridiculous price.

  • Xenogears arrives on PSN this week to remind gamers what a Good JRPG looks like.   3 years 24 weeks ago

    Yeah, it's about 70 hours of Chrono Trigger quality JRPG. So buy your girlfriend's "I'm sorry I've been ignoring you for the last month" gift now and save yourself some time.

  • Xenogears arrives on PSN this week to remind gamers what a Good JRPG looks like.   3 years 24 weeks ago

    Yesssss! I always wanted to try this game. I did find a copy of this game at a gaming convention a couple of years ago (I believe it was Noncon?) but they were selling it for $70. I was hoping it would get released on PSN eventually. Awesome.