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  • Corpse Run 157: Subtleties of language   2 years 25 weeks ago

    My friend was telling me about this oddity of customers the other day. He used to work at a wal-mart so I know he had quite a few of these. What it is, is it's a low class family(money wise) and its around tax return season, so they go out and buy stuff... like they shouldn't, but they look for the cheapest and best stuff at the same time (rednecks for ya...)... and then get pissed at the person that is showing it to them when they are informed that it's not the best but it's the cheapest. My friends encounter was about a camera and when he showed them the cheapest they asked if there was cheaper so he showed them a disposable camera and got written up

  • Corpse Run 180: The Green-eyed Monster   2 years 25 weeks ago

    I hope you enjoyed the game and your night out. It is cool when these things can update themselves so that you don't have to babysit them. Good luck with the mice catching and I hope that you get to the point where there are no more to catch.

    Catching mice and then going to watch the Super Bowl is the easiest game and is all a part of the day for some comic strip creators but at least the mice are leaving the building.

  • Corpse Run 181: The proof is in the pooping   2 years 26 weeks ago

    That is really cute. There are many things that we know and then there are many things that we have to prove. This doggie and his "pet parent" proved that. People also think they can get by with stuff.

    Sometimes when people in Eagle Pass make up a cartoon they use real life situations to do so, making us laugh at ourselves sometimes but always putting smiles on our faces.

  • Print Screen: Total Franchise Reboot   2 years 27 weeks ago

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  • Corpse Run 177: Fun for the whole family   2 years 27 weeks ago

    It sounds like you were able to pull out some good words during the game after all. I agree that it is a little strange being in a place where you don't seem to know anybody so I'm glad you found someone that you did know.

    Playing "Words With Friends" or "Scrabble" can be a little daunting if you wonder whether they really do happen when all you can come up with are words that people don't generally make everyday chit chat with.

  • Corpse Run 173: Magical memories   2 years 29 weeks ago

    There are probably millions of people who have had all of their years of play and other files erased by someone who didn't know how important those files were to them. It is sad really.

    Erasing something of someone else's sites is not a great way to maintain a friendship and in fact, some people can really get angry about it.

  • Corpse Run 173: Magical memories   2 years 30 weeks ago

    try luring it with salo

  • Corpse Run 171: My Little NFL   2 years 30 weeks ago

    Haha nice manly Fluttershy there

  • Street Fighter X Tekken: Gameplay Trailer   2 years 30 weeks ago

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  • Corpse Run 171: My Little NFL   2 years 30 weeks ago

    Yep, customer service is something that seems to be lacking big time here in the United States. It could be because most customer service reps are not based here so they don't know what we expect when it comes to providing what customers want. Sorry about the Jets.

    Customer service is one of those industries that has been outsourced to places like India but there is still a lot to do since it really shows when we talk to them.

  • Big patch coming to Fallout: New Vegas on monday   2 years 30 weeks ago

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  • Corpse Run 163: Spoils of war   2 years 31 weeks ago

    That's a messed up story, glad you didn't react in a way to make you lose your job or something over it.

    I have a typical white howdy-doody looking face, and people continually come up to me and try to say messed up things about other people's ethnicity or religion, completely oblivious to the fact that I don't in the least share their viewpoints. Being the introverted person I am, I try to subtly alter their ignorance, and I do think that's the most successful approach, but man there has been more than one occasion I've wanted to punch a person in the face for their ignorant comments.

  • Corpse Run 169: He knows the mayor of Boston   2 years 31 weeks ago

    Oh, and what registrar are you using? I know that GoDaddy's pulled it support, but again, looking into the CEO, the guy's a douche and I really don't wanna be financially supporting the guy. Oh and get this, now GoDaddy's completely 180'd and offically opposes SOPA. They should know in the business world, don't back legislation if you aren't fully aware of the consequences.

  • Corpse Run 169: He knows the mayor of Boston   2 years 31 weeks ago

    It wasn't until I read this on Wed that I heard anything about the whole Paul Christoforo incident, but man, it sure did make for a fun read! I spend most of Wed night and again looked over it all yesterday, the guy's a joke, and I have lots of respect for Mike at Penny Arcade especially after all that. I think what irritated most of us is he still never got it, his apologies were always spun to try him look like the victim and showed no remorse other than his getting caught.

  • Review: Dragon Age 2   2 years 31 weeks ago

    This review says it all; some of the elements were nicely polished in the game, but essentially, they turned a 3 hour game into a 30 hour game. Same textures is one thing, but entire same levels? And they didn't even bother to hide that fact, but just having some doors unusable (rather than just hiding them completely?). It was utter bull, and Dragon Age 2 will go down as one of the most disappointing games of the year by far. And now that Skyrim's been out for a while, its like night and day comparison; sure, Skyrim has glitching issues, but what they took on was enormous and showed tremendous effort, and I can't say the same for Dragon Age 2. I beat the game a while back, mostly just because...there was really no good reason, I didn't enjoy it, and actually hated it most of the time; I did enjoy the characters, so I suppose that's why, but the gameplay itself was terrible, and I am a hack-and-slash kinda guy when it comes to RPG's, but this was just lame.

  • Press Pass: Wasting Time With Robert Ashley of "A Life Well Wasted"   2 years 33 weeks ago

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  • Corpse Run 157: Subtleties of language   2 years 33 weeks ago

    d'awwwwwww thanks!!!

  • Corpse Run 157: Subtleties of language   2 years 33 weeks ago

    That was totally Awesome!!!!

  • Corpse Run 164: Why I have trouble sleeping   2 years 34 weeks ago

    It is funny how the brain works and anyone who says that their "brain doesn't work that way" is limiting themselves to a certain type of thinking and understanding of many things.

    Dreams and rubics cubes leads us to really wonder how the brain works if you have too much time and how others may feel that they don't have certain capacities.

  • Review: Puzzle Dimension   2 years 34 weeks ago

    It's great to see that othe rpeople are trying the Super Monkey Ball forumla. I loved that unique game, so glad to see a fresh look at it.

  • Corpse Run 157: Subtleties of language   2 years 34 weeks ago

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  • The Longest Journey   2 years 34 weeks ago

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  • Corpse Run 161: Show vs. Tell   2 years 35 weeks ago

    Will do!


    I hope your retail experence wasn't too bad.  As wacky as the stuff I've been through as been, I've heard some real horror stories that (thankfully) I was never a part of.

  • Corpse Run 160: Eye of the beholder   2 years 35 weeks ago

    Thanks!  Glad to know that someone out there reads my strip!


    Also, I'm thrilled to learn that you are a pleasant customer to deal with; guys like you are a welcome change to the ones that make banging my head against a wall desireable.  

  • Corpse Run 160: Eye of the beholder   2 years 35 weeks ago

    I just made this account to say that I really enjoy your comic, and I enjoy your retail store stories even more! I mean, it's pretty insane what you have to go through every day. I'm glad that I've always been polite with employees in these kind of retail chains, even to the point that I try to avoid bothering them because I always think they're probably doing something important that would be disrupted should they be accosted by a mere client like me.