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  • Review: ilomilo   1 year 42 weeks ago

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  • Review: ilomilo   1 year 42 weeks ago

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  • Preview: Blur   1 year 42 weeks ago

    The game can be played with up to 4 players via splitscreen (even on the PC version, by the use of at least one Xbox controller and the keyboard) and the game can be taken online with a maximum of 20. However, users cannot play online splitscreen. These races can be played in teams and the matches can be altered to support certain power-ups, cars, tracks and other variables. -Online Reputation

  • Metro 2033 (Xbox 360)   1 year 42 weeks ago

    As Metro 2033 aims to be immersive, the gameplay and interface are somewhat atypical. The game lacks a health meter, relying on audible heart rate and blood spatters on the screen to show the player's current state of health. -Reputation Repair

  • Flashy Friday: Vol. 1   1 year 42 weeks ago

    A popular and long-running feature of the show is "Flash Friday," in which men are encouraged to drive with their headlights on and women are encouraged to expose their breasts to such vehicles. The feature began as a one-time bit; while on the air, Leykis recalled a radio host he listened to as a child, who asked his listeners in New York apartments to flash their lights on and off and then to look outside to see how many neighbors were doing the same, as a way to gauge the audience size.- Online Reputation Management

  • Push My Start Button   1 year 42 weeks ago

    In industrial and commercial applications, push buttons can be linked together by a mechanical linkage so that the act of pushing one button causes the other button to be released. In this way, a stop button can "force" a start button to be released. This method of linkage is used in simple manual operations in which the machine or process have no electrical circuits for control. -Reputation Management

  • FarmVille -- A Love Story   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Like most Zynga games, FarmVille incorporates the social networking aspect of Facebook into many areas of gameplay. Recently FarmVille has allowed players to add neighbors that are not Facebook friends, thus allowing the player to have many neighbors at hand. Players invite friends or other players that are not Facebook friends to be their neighbors, allowing them to perform five actions on each other's farms per day by "visiting" it. -Reputation

  • Review: Civilization V   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Civilization V is a turn-based strategy game, where each player represents the leader of a certain nation or ethnic group ("civilization") and must guide its growth over the course of thousands of years. It starts with the founding of a small primitive settlement and ends after achieving one of the victory conditions—or surviving until the number of game turns end, at which point the highest-scoring civilization, based on several factors, is declared the winner. -Steven C. Wyer

  • Review: Fallout: New Vegas   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Companion behavior and tasks are controlled using the new "companion wheel", removing the need to enter conversation to give commands. The new companion wheel offers command execution by selecting commands that are presented in a radial menu. -Steven C. Wyer

  • Review: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is an action-adventure video game with main emphasis on nonlinear gameplay, sandbox style gameplay, parkour movements, crowd-blending stealth, assassinations and melee fighting system. The combat system features several and for the first time in the series, the game offers a multi-player mode alongside 15+ hours of single-player gameplay. -Steven C. Wyer

  • Review: Arcania   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Arcania have been mixed or average, with a Metacritic average of 63 (based on 25 critics) for the PC version. While the game was praised for its graphics and production values, it was criticized heavily for doing away with many elements of previous Gothic installments in order to make the game friendlier to casual players and failing to meet expectations of the series' fans. -Steven C. Wyer

  • GamersFirst- "Free2Play"   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Free-to-play can be compared to pay-to-play, in which payment is required before using a service. Pay-to-play games usually offer equal gaming experience for all players while free-to-play games give advantage to premium players. -Steven C. Wyer

  • Review: Bejeweled 3   1 year 42 weeks ago

    When this occurs the gems disappear and a new bunch of gems which are randomly generated drop from above to fill up the empty space. When falling gems automatically line-up a chain reaction known as a cascade is caused. -Online Reputation

  • Review: Dungeons   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Prior to release, review aggregator Metacritic showed a mixed score from critics with an average review of 67%. Critics noted that the game was more about taking care of the heroes rather than your own creatures, in contrast to the Dungeon Keeper series. -Reputation Repair

  • Review: Two Worlds II   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Two Worlds II is a real-time role-playing game that takes place in an open fantasy world where players take the role of a single character with whom they can explore and undertake quests. From the beginning players can customize the appearance of the protagonist such as shape of face and body, and skin colour. -Online Reputation Management

  • Review: Fate of the World   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Fate of the World is a turn-based game, with each turn representing five years. The starting date is typically 2020, while the final date depends on the scenario. In the core interface the player chooses policies to fund in each game turn, represented by "cards". -Reputation Management

  • Dual Review: Terraria and Universe Sandbox   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Terraria was developed by Re-Logic, with development starting in January 2011 and is built on the Microsoft XNA framework. The game was released on May 16, 2011. Re-Logic is composed of Andrew Spinks, who designed and programmed the game, and Finn Bryce, who along with Spinks did the graphic design for the game. -Reputation

  • Review: The Witcher 2   1 year 42 weeks ago

    I was never able to get anything out of this game at all. unsure what they were trying to do with this game. I hope they make a lot of changes to this game.

  • Mini-Review: Cut The Rope   1 year 42 weeks ago

    This is definitely such a great touch screen game. A great game for your iphone. You will be eneterntained so much with this. Keep up the good work on this game.

  • Review: Lost Planet 2   1 year 42 weeks ago

    The action and the graphics that go a long with this. You will be very happy with they offer with this. So much great entertainment coming from this game. Keep up the good work.

  • Review: The 3rd Birthday   1 year 42 weeks ago

    The characters that they offer in this game is so good. The thinking behind this is so good. This is what makes this game so much. The fans are very happy with it.

  • Review: inFAMOUS 2   1 year 42 weeks ago

    I was not very happy with this at all. I was unable to get nothing out of this game. I would definitely pass on this in the future. So much out there better.

  • Review: Bejeweled 3   1 year 42 weeks ago

    This is definitely a very addictive game when you play it. You will be playing this game everyday after you try it. So much that goes into trying to figure this game out.

  • Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow   1 year 42 weeks ago

    I really love what this game offers here. You will be able to get so much from this great game. The creators should be very proud of their work here.

  • Review: Metroid: Other M   1 year 42 weeks ago

    The ending of this is so amazing. You can see it on youtube and it will blow you away. So much that you can get from it all. Take advantage of it all.