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Weekend Playlist, 11/13/2009

William Abner

William Abner: This weekend I'll continue playing Dragon Age: Origins PC, and I'll start King's Bounty: Armored Princess.

Chris Buecheler

Chris Buecheler: I think I'm going to spend the weekend coding an XBLA game called "You're Totally a Terrorist and You Kill Civilians" ... it'll have shitty art and awful gameplay, but think of the publicity!

Failing that, I'm going to continue my dungeon-crawling ways with Torchlight, and my ball-basketing ways with NBA 2K10, both of which I'm enjoying. One thing I won't be doing: playing Modern Warfare 2. Present-setting "realistic" FPS with a super-short single-player campaign and good multiplayer? WOW, never seen THAT before!

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Steve Kent

Steve Kent: Am I really the only nerd that's excited about playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii? I feel so ashamed.

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Harold Goldberg

Harold Goldberg: Steve, you're definitely not alone. I'll be playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii (and checking out the new Mario museum at the Nintendo store here in Manhattan on Saturday morning). I'll dig into Modern Warfare 2, but not the multiplayer -- yet. I have a bunch of sports games to review. And I'm going to see if there's some version of Raid on Bungeling Bay to play or download online. Hurray; my Xbox 360 was replaced, not fixed, by Microsoft, so I'll be looking at XBLA's latest. And that new LocoRoco Carnival from Sony.

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Evan Narcisse

Evan Narcisse: I'll be sticking with LittleBigPlanet on PSP and revisiting it on the PS3 for articles I'm writing. I'm also trying to get some time in with the Left 4 Dead 2 demo so I can hit the ground running when the game hits. I'm debating on running out and getting Modern Warfare 2 or waiting to see if it shows up in my mailbox.

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James Fudge

James Fudge: I'll be playing Texas Hold 'Em tonight with real people, and then playing it on Xbox Live with what I suspect will be a bunch of a$$holes. It's still fun even if they call me gay and the "N" word. Thanks for the help Major Nelson!

I'm also still enjoying Torchlight and SmackDown vs. Raw 2010, and I've been trying to kill people in Wrestling Encore through some sick and reckless behavior. Who needs arms and legs anyway?

The one game I won't be playing is Modern Warfare 2. Why? It's not because of the "No Russian" mission, it's because I'm sick of hearing about the game. UNCLE!

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Troy Goodfellow

Troy Goodfellow: A busy weekend of computer upgrading, since my hard drive is too small for all the AAA games I have. But I will make time for a bunch of smaller experiences. I'm playing For the Glory, a fan-made, Paradox-published update of Europa Universalis 2 for review; but I think I'll spend much of the weekend with real old-school stuff -- Alexandrian Wars, a hex-based wargame from HPS; and a copy of Solium Infernum, from the maker of 2007's best indie strategy game Armageddon Empires.

You know, I read my list and I feel so alone.

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James Fudge

James Fudge: I'm sure Tom is playing at least two of those games.

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Scott Jones

Scott Jones: I'm back in Vancouver this weekend, and the forecast promises rain, followed by periods of light rain, followed by periods of heavy rain again. Fine. I'm happy to stay indoors, roll up my sleeves, and get through some more Dragon Age: Origins, DJ Hero and my latest love, Assassin's Creed II.

It's also that time of the year when I try to remember all the highlights and lowlights of 2009 for year-end editorial, so I'll no doubt be scanning the shelves and revisiting games that I've forgotten about (was Madworld a total pile of shit?). I'll also be getting around to finishing any and all game-of-the-year contenders, including Uncharted 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum, so I can make the right call when it's time to make the call. One more thing: I'm happy that Modern Warfare 2 chased so many games into Q1 of next year. Aside from a few stragglers, the year is pretty much over as far as big releases are concerned. Makes my life a bit easier for once.

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Jason McMaster

Jason McMaster: Dragon Age, The Ballad of Gay Tony and Modern Warfare 2 top my list of weekend activities. Oh, and League of Legends because the first ranked season is starting up next week. I gots to get my practice on.

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Ryan Kuo

Ryan Kuo: I finally got around to trying Saints Row 2 and like it lots. Another week or two will tell whether this becomes yet another 15-minute fling. I might try borrowing the office copy of Modern Warfare 2 since no one else seems all that interested in it. I've heard you can beat the game in 15 minutes -- perfect.

Will also be trying to score more than two points in Squid Yes! Not So Octopus. And plugging along in Doom. I love this game.

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Kyle Orland

Kyle Orland: I've been excited about New Super Mario Bros. Wii since I first played it at E3, and have been even more excited about it since I got a review copy on Wednesday. Despite that, I'm still jealous of all you New Yorkers that get to check out the Mario festivities this weekend at the Nintendo World store. Anyway, I'll be continuing to blaze through the single-player and futz around with my friends in the multiplayer.

If I have gaming time after that, I'd like to say I'll buckle down and get through Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend, Batman: Arkham Asylum and many other games that deserve my attention. But I'll probably just play more Spelunky on my laptop. Man, that game has its hooks in me something FIERCE!

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Marc Saltzman

Marc Saltzman: Might not get too much time this weekend, but will likely play more New Super Mario Bros. Wii with my kids, which is a blast -- my 7-year-old came screaming into my home office yesterday because he warped from World 2 to 6. Best Day Ever, he said.

After the kidlets are in bed I hope to get some Spec Ops time with Modern Warfare 2 and maybe more with Assassin's Creed II code.

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Gus Mastrapa

Gus Mastrapa: A certain Valve game just showed up in the mail today, so whatever allure Modern Warfare 2 held for me has immediately worn off.

We're celebrating November birthdays and having a little family get-together on Sunday, so we'll certainly be playing some Rock Band. The new White Stripes songs and the "Sgt. Pepper's" tracks will get played. I hope to get at least one tabletop game in. I think my wife really dug Dominion when I introduced her to it last week.

After a busy summer my static five-man World of Warcraft group is back in action. We re-convened last Sunday to polish off Blackrock Depths and moved on to poke our heads into Lower Blackrock Spire -- an instance I'd never been inside, despite having played World of Warcraft since day one.

I will also undoubtedly play a hand or five of Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers.

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Elise Vogel

Elise Vogel: I have completed almost all of the non-DLC quests I'm going to complete from the main game of Fallout 3. I'm not going back to an old save file to pick up the quest "Strictly Business" -- I already killed all the slavers, and I'm happy leaving it that way. I have a feeling I will spend an inordinate amount of time wandering around discovering new locations for the One-Man Scouting Party Achievement, and seeking out Nuka-Cola Quantum for "The Nuka-Cola Challenge." Man, I really wish I had started that quest earlier in the game. I think I've drunk every glowing blue bottle in the wastes.

What's on your own playlist this weekend? Inquiring Game Trusters want to know. Leave a comment below.