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Weekend Playlist, 10/30/09

James Fudge

James Fudge: I'm playing through WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 for a review. At first I just wanted to hang myself, but after a few hours of relearning the ropes I'm finding that this game has some good things going on just under the surface. What I don't really understand is why Yuke's keeps reinventing the wheel every year, but I'll hash that out in the review.

I'm also playing Marvel Super Hero Squad for the Wii for review. No comment at this time on that one, unless "GAH" is considered commentary.

Finally, I'm wrapping up my third playthrough of Torchlight for a review. So far, so good. Call me Grindy McGrinderson, because I love these kinds of games.

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Chris Buecheler

Chris Buecheler: I finished Shadow Complex last weekend. It was a fairly fun game, although I am definitely at a stage in my gaming life where I basically don't want to die, for any reason, ever. I can handle it once in a while in a game like Fallout 3 where I usually only die from doing something stupid, but getting killed by the same boss in Shadow Complex 15 times in a row sucks. It's especially annoying when I know it's happening because I'm trying to beat him "the right way" (exploiting a weakness), but can't figure out how to actually accomplish what I'm being told to do, and thus finally give up and do the tedious "dodge/shoot/repeat" routine. Also, the ending cinematic was so bad that my wife started shouting at the game and, as the credits ended, cried "Oh, Orson Scott Card ... I should've GUESSED!"

This week ... no idea. I'm acquiring copies of both NBA games next week, so looking forward to that. If Grand Theft Auto IV would ever come down in price on Steam, I'd happily pick it up, but I'm not paying 50 dollars for something which is now half that price on any other platform, including boxed-copy for the PC. Since I refuse to play the GTA games on consoles (the controls are much weaker), and I refuse to play PC games in any way other than direct download because boxed copies are for idiots ... that means I will continue to wait.

The moral of the story, kids, is that I'm cheap, lazy AND opinionated.

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Troy Goodfellow

Troy Goodfellow: Now that my teaching term has come to an end, I can re-focus on my real job -- playing games weeks later than I should have. This weekend, I'll be picking up AI War: Fleet Command, an indie space RTS that Tom wrote about in a column earlier this year. I've spent a few hours with it already but I'm not sure I have a real grip on how the whole thing holds together.

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Ryan Kuo

Ryan Kuo: Playing DJ Hero over the past couple days has actually inspired me to set my decks back up. If anything I'm going to start putting some mixes together over the weekend, look for long-lost 12"s on, practice my crabs, etc. The thing about DJ Hero is that when it works, the pleasure you get from the game is pretty much the same pleasure you get from mixing records together. That's the best game in the world.

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Kyle Orland

Kyle Orland: I'm taking the train down to the Philadelphia area Friday to see some old friends and attend a Halloween party featuring a homemade Zombie Massacre tag game. If it's anywhere near as fun as the similar spy game the host put on last year, it should be ... very fun indeed!

After that I'm hopping on the train Sunday to head up to New York and the Crispy Gamer offices. I've been saving up lots of portable games to keep me occupied as I ride the rails, including Half-Minute Hero, Nostalgia and Avalon Code, so I'm looking forward to trying those.

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Harold Goldberg

Harold Goldberg: I'll be mourning my 360, now on its way to Texas for a tender operation, and thinking about the DLC I could be playing. I'll be thinking about the humorous brilliance of Gay Tony (and wondering what Michael Ault would think of the game). I'll be musing about the fear within the fog of Point Lookout. I'll be thinking about which scary game character I can be for Halloween, and then, as always, choose to be a vampire yet again. Since I just spent many useful hours with Ken and Roberta Williams, I might dust off Phantasmagoria to see how it's aged. I received this toy robot/videogame called Roboni-I, which I'm going to try to program via my computer. And I'm going to watch the World Series, probably at Handsome Dick Manitoba's bar, on Sunday. Go Yankees!

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Jason McMaster

Jason McMaster: DJ Hero and Forza Motorsport 3 are the theme of this weekend's play, peppered with liberal helpings of Torchlight and League of Legends. DJ Hero is surprisingly more awesome than expected. What can I say? I really love Daft Punk.

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Evan Narcisse

Evan Narcisse: I can stop anytime I want to.

That's what I keep telling myself about Tekken 6, but, like anyone who can't stop doing something that they know isn't good for them, I can't. Further evidence I'm an addict? I'm trying to plow through the clunky-ass Scenario Mode because it's where you unlock the character's ending movies. I'll also try to get some online matches in on PS3, too.

I finished Uncharted 2: Among Thieves earlier this week and liked it a lot. The plot takes a turn in the third act that kinda surprised me, and I want to talk to some folks about that. I might join some multiplayer action in this game as well.

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Scott Jones

Scott Jones: I'm in New York through the weekend, which means I'll be spending Saturday doing my best to pretend it's not Halloween. I've hated Halloween since I lived in Morningside Heights and I saw a guy, who was coming home from work, being pelted with eggs. After that night, I began referring to Halloween as "Cover Your Ass And Run Day," as well as "Go Home Draw The Blinds And Pretend No One Is Home Day."

If you're reading the CG blog, then you already know that I'm waist-deep into Final Fantasy XII. I'm taking it slow, consuming it in bits in the mornings and evenings. Hoping to get a more extended session in over the weekend. I'm missing my next-gen consoles for some reason; I have a stack of 360, PS3, and Wii games on my desk waiting patiently for my love and affection. I'll also continue with The Great Cull of 2009, separating the wheat from the chaff in my game collection. And finally, because absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that business, I'm trying to figure out which games in my apartment need to come back to Vancouver with me, and which games I'm OK with leaving here for now.

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Gus Mastrapa

Gus Mastrapa: I'll be hanging with Gay Tony all weekend -- this may be the most nuanced Grand Theft Auto story yet. Luis' relationships with his family and Tony are insanely rich and complicated. I'm pulling a James and trying to get the genocide achievement in Left 4 Dead. That means I need to kill a thousand zombies a day before Left 4 Dead 2 comes out. I really want to install Torchlight, but I'm afraid Borderlands may have scratched that itch already. Lastly, I'll be trying to devote some time to Dragon Age: Origins. I rolled a City Elf rogue. The big, dramatic moment in that origin was pretty powerful. I was moved, despite the butt-ugly look of the game. I kinda wish Dragon Age: Origins looked as good as Mass Effect.

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Russ Fischer

Russ Fischer: I've been struggling for quite a while with how bad Dragon Age looks. It would have been a really impressive first-gen Xbox game.

But there are some truly great story and character moments in the game, and every time I start to be irritated with how bad it looks I get irritated with myself for not being able to look past that.

So that's half the weekend. Much more Dragon Age, to finalize my review. Then I have to do both LEGO Rock Band and Band Hero. I don't think I get a Halloween, but I'm so tired this week that I don't care.

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Elise Vogel

Elise Vogel: I'm flying to Florida to celebrate my incredibly awesome niece's 16th birthday, and I'll hopefully be playing Jak & Daxter on the plane.

I've also packed Brütal Legend to play with my sister and brother-in-law. They both played an integral part in my music education growing up, and I think they'll get a kick out of it.

What's on your own playlist this weekend? Inquiring Game Trusters want to know. Leave a comment below.