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Crispy Adventurers Club: MDK


I'm not going to lie, fellow Adventurers, it got ugly out there in our Club's inaugural journey. The StarTropics world was riddled with unhelpful "helpers," dark corners hiding unpleasant secrets, and a disquieting amount of pig tookus. It was like a late night at Denny's. But the Crispy Adventurers Club never gives up; it simply forges ahead in a new direction. Specifically: MDK.

MDK logo

The eccentric visuals and dry wit of MDK still feel so fresh that I was surprised to find that the game came out more than a decade ago (in 1997, to be specific). Indeed, when I shared this with the rest of the office, the reaction was a unanimous "I'm old!" So feel young again by revisiting this distinctive, clever third-person shooter and reflecting on your experience in the forums.

The Club has some extra support this time from Good Old Games, aka GOG, which has given us 15 free-download codes so you can get your copy of MDK free of charge. [Editor's note: All the codes have been given away!] I'm excited about this because I've been a GOG fan since Day One. Its philosophy is pretty much in line with that of the Adventurers Club -- i.e., older games still have a lot of life in them. To that end, it sells cheap, DRM-free downloads of classic PC games. Check it out.

MDK screenshot

To get your MDK download code, post a comment below and we'll email it to you ASAP -- first come, first served. You redeem the code when you're checking out from GOG. And remember, as you're enjoying your free game, you are honor-bound to talk about it in the Crispy forums. A bunch of Crispy staffers are planning to join in on the fun, too, so it should be a good conversation.

(By the way, if you don't get in on the free-code action, you can still grab MDK from GOG for a mere six bucks.)

So fire up MDK, Adventurers, don your crazy black armor, and double-check your ribbon chutes! We'll see you in the field!