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How to Bring Down the Star Destroyer in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


If you tried to love Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, then you know there's a point when the game doesn't love you back. Of course, I'm talking about the ridiculously over-the-top "Pull it out of the sky!" boss battle against a Star Destroyer.

This is where, as my grandfather would say, the casual gamers are separated from the ridiculously persistent. I've taken down the Star Destroyer a half-dozen times during my playthroughs of this flawed but ridiculously compelling game. Here's the best possible way to minimize headaches and get back to the far superior rest of the game.

1. Make sure that you've upgraded Force Lightning as much as you possibly can before going into the battle.

2. Grab the Star Destroyer with your Force Grip. I know; it's absurd. Just go along with it for now. Begin pulling the Star Destroyer towards its eventual grave on the planet.

3. When those pesky, no-good TIE Fighters return and begin peppering you with laser fire, don't panic. Let them hit you -- yes, I said let them hit you -- until your health bar is down to around the 50-percent mark. (More confident gamers typically let it go down to 25 percent.) This gives you a few extra all-important seconds to keep the Star Destroyer coming down.

3. Fact: The on-screen prompts showing you how to manipulate the thumbsticks are occasionally misleading. Ignore the animation showing the thumbsticks being pulled down repeatedly. You only need to pull the sticks toward you once, then hold them there to keep the Star Destroyer moving downward.

4. Once your health is below the 50-percent mark, move to the left side of the platform and take cover behind the very large pillar. As the TIE Fighters fly their figure-8 patterns, jump into the air and use Force Lightning on them whenever they come close to you/the pillar. Destroying each one releases a substantial amount of those glowing green health orbs. Voil?: Your health is back to 100 percent.

How To...

5. Once the TIEs are all gone, return to the center of the platform and re-grab the Star Destroyer with Force Grip. Your initial goal is to re-center it, which will inevitably require some experimentation with the thumbsticks. Usually you'll want to get it pointing toward you, then monkey around with the height of the nose of the Star Destroyer. Once you've got it into the right position, and the thumbsticks begin pointing downward, that's your cue to give it a big, hearty tug. (Check out the 4:00 mark of this movie to see the nose being moved into position.)

6. One trick I've learned: Keep pulling it past center, to the right, as far as you can, while the TIE Fighters are inbound. Pull it as far as you can to the right. That way, once you've destroyed the next round of TIE Fighters, ideally, the Star Destroyer hasn't swung all the way to the far left, but only re-centered itself.

7. Most importantly, stay calm. No matter what happens, you're going to bring this mother down. Yes, you'll struggle with the borderline-useless on-screen prompts. Yes, you'll be annoyed by yet another wave of TIE Fighters. Take your time, don't panic, follow my instructions, and realize that I just boiled down about three hours of work that I had to do into 10 minutes for you. Thank me later.

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Wow, this is such a great advice here. I'll be trying this out, and see for myself. - YOR Health

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