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Weekend Playlist, 4/17/09

alt="Troy Goodfellow"/>

Troy Goodfellow: I want to play a lot more Demigod this weekend. Even after crushing John's spirit, I still think I have a lot more to learn here. I have a sneaking suspicion that each demigod has one completely useless advancement track, except for Sedna, who has four completely useless advancement tracks. But it's quickly becoming one of my favorite games of the year so far.

Also, some old-timey wargaming with HPS Studios' Musket & Pike: Renaissance. It lets me play the Ottomans, and not enough wargames let you do that.

alt="Harold Goldberg"/>

Harold Goldberg: I'm going to play more of that free and pretty and compelling online game, Scarygirl. I'll be playing Excitebots (which I hope is better than Rhythm Heaven). I've got builds of various games, like Batman: Arkham Asylum, for my longer-lead mags, so I'll be indulging. I'm doing another interview with Al Alcorn for "The Game Changers" book today, and he tells such great tales of Atari. On Sunday, I'm off to Sony Gamers' Day for Crispy. I'd like to say I'll be playing a PSP game, but I have work to do on the plane. Maybe I'll get some Patapon 2 in.

alt="Chris Buecheler"/>

Chris Buecheler: I'll be celebrating the advent of the NBA Playoffs with more NBA 2K8, with the sole goal of crushing Kobe Bryant and the hated Lakers like worms. Worms I say! I'm also still waiting for Dead Space on Steam to drop 10 more bucks before I buy it, because I am cheap and because people seem so torn in their opinions of it that I'm hesitant to pay anywhere near full price for it.

alt="Marc Saltzman"/>

Marc Saltzman: It'll be a light gaming weekend for me as I'll be traveling with my family from Disney World back home.

That said, I brought my DSi and PSP, and loaded up my laptop with classic adventure games (such as Runaway, now available from, casual puzzlers (Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst) and a bizarre but intriguing indie game called The Path from Tale of Tales.

alt="Gus Mastrapa"/>

Gus Mastrapa: I grabbed Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360. I had a copy for the PS3 and no friends to play co-op with. While at GameStop I also grabbed Dead Space and Assassin's Creed (which I plan to catch up on now that we're learning about the sequel via Game Informer). And since I haven't been able to get the Crispy Gamer Steam group to mobilize (shame on you), let's plan to play Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360) on Saturday night at 9 p.m. CST. Leave your Gamertag in the comments. I'll friend everyone who posts and start organizing groups at 9 p.m. sharp. We'll dive into our first round at 9:15.

alt="Scott Jones"/>

Scott Jones: I got stuck on a couple of World of Goo levels this morning -- man, I didn't see that coming -- so I'll need to fix that over the weekend. I've also been replaying The Force Unleashed in the wake of the CG interview Evan and I did with Haden Blackman at GDC. I'm clearing a level a night. Also trying to suss out all the nuances of Assault on Dark Athena (I spent $20 on the Prima guide today; I buy guides for the games that I really like for some inexplicable reason). I took Mastrapa's cue and had my cable disconnected. I also have no women in my life right now, and no cable TV, so the only thing between me and oblivion? Games. And my collection of hot books.

alt="John Teti"/>

John Teti: I'll be playing Ninjatown on the DS when I'm not viewing programming on my thousands of glorious satellite TV channels.

alt="James Fudge"/>

James Fudge: This week I'll be continuing my experiment in Ultima VII (redrum), playing more Dead Rising (damn you Gus), some multiplayer Crackdown (damn you Ryan), and maybe a dash of City of Heroes to check out the new Architect stuff. Oh, and I've got a beta key to Champions Online, so I will be playing it on Friday night. I'm very excited to get a small glimpse into how this game is shaping up.

alt="William Abner"/>

William Abner: Playing some Demigod and the same Renaissance wargame Troy is playing, and fiddling with Out of the Park Baseball logos for our league.

alt="Evan Narcisse"/>

Evan Narcisse: I've got a longstanding promise to dig into some indies that I'm trying to fulfill -- specifically Opera Omnia and The Path, as recommended by Teti and Chick respectively. I also might try to dig into the Bionic Commando build that showed up earlier this week. But the thing that will likely interfere with all of that will be my need to pack up my apartment. I'm moving in with my girlfriend in two weeks, so that means I've to sort through mounds of comics, games and other geek ephemera to see what makes the cut. Pray for me and my possessions, kind sirs.

alt="Ryan Kuo"/>

Ryan Kuo: This weekend is all about addiction. I'm hooked on Crackdown again, and becoming obsessed with the tower defense game Defense Grid: The Awakening. If I weren't also trying to power through the surprisingly tedious Henry Hatsworth, I'd start BioShock over. It's true, I play games for 20 minutes tops and then cast them aside like burnt-out cigarettes.

alt="Kyle Orland"/>

Kyle Orland: Zen Bound has got me in its wooden, ropey clutches, so I'll probably be flicking out the iPod without much thought this weekend. Also planning to carve out some time for Gus' Left 4 Dead session if at all possible.