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LEGO Universe Gameplay From PAX '10


Review: Halo: Reach

Combat Evolved Gets a Sequel.
<p> It&rsquo;s not often that I play a game knowing that I&rsquo;m going to die. I&rsquo;m usually the Marine that jumps into a helicopter at the last second, the genetically-engineered subject with that last-ditch power, or the Cop who can sure take a lot of bullets, the chosen warrior, the fallen god. I usually know that my preferred- protagonist rewards card will almost always see me through even the most irradiated, explosive, contagious, undead, psychological, high caliber, caramel-filled, and existential disasters possible, but never have I fought a losing battle. Where as in the previous chapters of Halo, where victory is only possible because you&rsquo;re Earth&rsquo;s most highly trained super soldier, your armored hands barely holding everything together, in Halo: Reach it seems everything can&rsquo;t help but fall apart around you.</p>


Gaming Get-Togethers by World Gamer Nation


You know that you could have gotten that headshot - if only you didn't have to share your flat screen with your three roommates.  Well, now you can reclaim that visual real estate, while still PWNing your buddies.

Arcania: Gothic 4 - Demo Impressions

Arcania front.jpg

Gothic 4 (Arcania now, I guess) has a lot to live up to. The Gothic series has been, to date, the best open world action RPG series that I've ever played. And yes, I've played them all. Gothic 1 and 2 set the bar very high for free form exploration, hard as hell combat, and "play it your way" mechanics. When you can attack anyone in the game, even allies, just because you want their 30 gold, you know you are playing a true "sandbox" game.

Bioshock: Infinite 10-Minute Gameplay Demo


Review: Monday Night Combat

<p> I feel like there&rsquo;s been a problem with shooters recently on the Xbox 360. Amidst all the various iterations of Halo and Call of War and Gears of Duty that come out every year and the vast lengths of seriousness they bring with them, we&rsquo;ve lost something near and dear to the FPS experience: what happened to the fun? Sure, we like killing terrorists and space aliens sometimes, but recently it&rsquo;s been lacking a certain....something. Just in time for Microsoft&rsquo;s annual Summer of Arcade comes Monday Night Combat, a simplistic-looking third-person shooter that&rsquo;s an easy play for casual and hardcore gamers alike.</p>


Preview: Blade Kitten

Recently, I had the chance to check out Atari and Krome's new game, Blade Kitten. Based on a webcomic, you play as the pink haired, cat...person(?), Kit Ballard as she hacks and slashes her way through hordes of future-soldiers and robots. The anime style is the first thing I noticed as the colors and "cuteness" factor will smack you in the face in the first five seconds.

First Shot: Shank


Watching the trailer for Shank, I knew that I was in for something different from the norm. Shank is presented as a hyperviolent stylized old-school beat ‘em up, a Double Dragon-type side scroller where the constant use of bats and knives led to actual bloodshed. I’m truly a sucker for retro-type games, and one of the things I’m consistently impressed with by modern developers is the ways in which they are consistently changing the form that became a cliche long ago.

Review: Madden 11

Streamlined gameplay and intuitive audible controls highlight the most complete Madden yet.
<p> Players climb off the bus and enter the stadium as fans tailgate in the parking lots. The likes of Brett Favre, Drew Brees, and other NFL&rsquo;ers change in the locker rooms. They stretch and warm up on the field while the last straggling fans shuffle into their seats and then finally&hellip;kickoff.</p>

Players climb off the bus and enter the stadium as fans tailgate in the parking lots.  The likes of Brett Favre, Drew Brees, and other NFL’ers change in the locker rooms.  They stretch and warm up on the field while the last straggling fans shuffle into their seats and then finally…kickoff.

If this sounds like watching a normal football game on television, then EA Sports has done its job.

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