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Review: Dead Rising 2

Creatively Maiming Zombies Never Gets Old.
Drinking coffee at my desk, I can feel just how weighty my mug is, probably enough to smash a forehead or two into hamburger helper. Actually, come to think of it, my stapler’s on the hefty CQC-conducive side too. Oh yes, I could turn into a corporate commando. These are the things you start considering after playing Dead Rising 2. It celebrates the every-day MacGyver, the person who’s stopped and said, “why can’t I attach a super-soaker to a keg?” Or “That coat-hangar’s a Bat’leth crying to happen.” And though you may not be trapped in a pool with an Orca, you’re facing that other great threat to civilization: Zombies. So if you’re fond of weaponized arts and crafts as well as facing the undead, welcome home.


Core Gamers Spend More Time Playing Than Ever


It’s Game On for New NHL Season

NHL 11 takes to the ice in Helsinki

HELSINKI – Videogames are a global force. The NHL kicked off its 2010-11 season with a trio of NHL Premiere Series regular season match-ups throughout Europe. The 2006 Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes took on the Minnesota Wild at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki Finland for a pair of games. EA Sports promoted its latest NHL 11 game throughout the event. The Canes ended up sweeping the two-game series on October 7 and 8, defeating the Wild 4-3 the first night and then winning in an overtime shootout 2-1 the second night.

Microsoft to Shut Down In-Game Ad Unit


If there’s one thing that most gamers really don’t appreciate, its constant in-game advertising. I mean, sure, it’s okay for sports and racing games to be littered with advertisements throughout; that’s commonplace, even in real life. But as development costs have risen and the proliferation of AAA titles increased over the years, developers are becoming more reliant on in-game advertising as a source of revenue.

First Shot: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow



      When I heard I was going to be reviewing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, old memories of the castle crawling franchise came rushing back to my mind: the labyrinthine corridors, the epic tunes, Dracula… good times, those were.  It is with those memories in mind that I can say the series’ latest incarnation is a Castlevania in name only.

Electronic Arts about face, change name of Taliban in Medal of Honor



     Yesterday, Electronic Arts announced that they are removing the Taliban from their soon to be released Medal of Honor game, but only as playable characters.  Executive producer Greg Goodrich had this to say:

Iron Man 2 Writer Discusses the New Blu-ray Disc and Sega’s Videogame

Marvel scribe Matt Fraction

NEW YORK CITY -- After topping $621 million in the global box office, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2 has come home to Blu-ray Disc and DVD with a slew of special features from Paramount Home Entertainment. One of the men behind the iron suit, Marvel Comics scribe Matt Fraction (The Invincible Iron Man), worked with Favreau on the film and helped game publisher Sega craft an original interactive story. He talks about the new Blu-ray Disc and the game that’s available for multiple platforms in this exclusive interview.

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