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Preview: Haunted House


Atari has released their re-imagined Haunted House game for Steam download and on the Wii. How does this game fare? Recently, I had chance to get a quick walkthrough of the game by Lead Producer (and model for the main character) Roland Lesterlin.

First a little bit of history: The original Haunted House on the Atari 2600 was all about mood. In that game, you controlled a pair of frightened eyes, wandering around in the dark, dodge ghosts and bats, occationally finding candles to get you through the pitch-black maze.

Cataclysm "may" ship in early January according to a gentleman I met in a bar


Many fans of the all consuming monstrosity that is World of Warcraft have pre-ordered its newest expansion Cataclysm from, and recently a number of them received emailed messages foretelling the expansion’s oh so secret release date. This was originally announced over at Kotaku(credit where credit’s due) where fans sent in emails about getting this magical glimpse into the future of addiction. I must assume our fans have done the same and it’s only a finicky spam filter that’s keeping our Inbox empty at the moment (it’s not delusion, its coping!)

Elemental: War of Magic - First Shot

Elemental front.jpg

I load up Elemental: War of Magic not really knowing what to expect. I actually heard about the game through a friend and together we pieced through the tidbits of pre-release information, slowly growing more excited. It's been a busy month but I was finally able to sit down and starting playing this game (sorry Civ 5, I'll get back to you as soon as I can!).

First Shot: Civilization V

Civ5 front.jpg

Civilization releases are my "Jesus is born!" days. They demarcate the end of one era and the beginning of another. Also they are much more important than Jesus Christ (You heard me, god! Bring it!). They are not merely the launch of another new game, they are an event, like the Olympics, only they matter (You heard me Baron Pierre de Coubertin! Bring it!).

Review/Post-mortem: APB

What does it say when a pay-to-play game makes you want to turn it off after only five minutes?
<p> When Grand Theft Auto III debuted on the Play Station 2, apart from establishing a new genre, it sparked the question, &quot;How fun would this be multiplayer?!&quot; The answer, at least as far as APB was concerned, is: &quot;Not very&quot;. APB tried to take the open world formula of GTA&#39;s crimefest and make it a massively (not that massive, as it turns out) multiplayer bonanza. What was the outcome of this endeavor? The worst and most expensive flop in video game history. It couldn&#39;t have done worse if Kevin Costner had directed it. With one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000!!!) down the drain, what the hell went so wrong?</p>

APB front.jpg

First Shot: Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Building up in anticipation to Amnesia, I’d been hearing some pretty interesting things: the mood is just right, the atmosphere oozes creepiness, and most importantly, that the game is pants-shittingly scary. 

APB’s shutting down after only 2 months or so (and yet Everquest 2 is still going somehow)


After launching only a month and a half ago, Realtime Worlds’ cops and robbers MMO APB will be shutting down. For the moment the servers are still up and running, but that may change soon.

Dolby's Axon Software

The best product for in-game communication to date.
<p> Move over Teamspeak. Move over Ventrilo. A new, better way to communicate with your friends mid-game is here with the Dolby Axon software.</p>

Move over Teamspeak. Move over Ventrilo. A new, better way to communicate with your friends mid-game is here with the Dolby Axon software.

I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve been raring to play some Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike, get a bunch of friends together and be held up by someone having a microphone issue. Lagging sound, echoing, volumes being wildly disproportionate; I’ve dealt with every kind of issue imaginable and I’m certain you have too if you have ever played a PC game with a friend.


Tesla Tunes

arc attack.jpg

Not just for defending your alt-history Soviet base anymore!  Arc Attack gives Tesla coils their musical debut with a variety of gamer friendly selections.  The arcs of electricity themselves are the source of the sound waves that comprise that famous 8-bit theme.

Check out their full site here for more.

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