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Tonight, you and your friends will likely be dressing up in scary costumes and heading out on the town for tricks and treats.  But perhaps you've put off putting together your costume until the last minute?  Neglected to think of the perfect get-up to impress your buds and intimidate your enemies? If that's the case, you need look no further than the NES controller you're mashing as you read this...

Click here for some ideas.

Art Academy

The Push That Brings Us the Next Great Artist
This week sees the newest release from Nintendo, Art Academy for the DS. The title joins in the ranks of an ever growing generation of games such as Brain Age, America’s Test Kitchen, the My Personal/Coach games and even Wii Fit as the latest in the trend of games that claim to boost your own attributes - not just those of your 72ppi character. The bent of art academy is simple – if you don’t know how to draw, this game will teach you how, if you do have some drawing know-how, then you can use this technology to turn your DS into a portable sketchbook. If we just consider the game within this limited framework, as being for art what Wii Fit is for exercise then the game is quite successful. However, if we consider the larger claim of the game, that this game will make you an artist, well then things start getting complicated.


First Shot: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light


Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright. You heard me.


…I think I just pissed myself with excitement.  

In a move that can only be described as the most awesome idea in the history of franchise mash-ups, two giants of portable gaming will collide on the 3DS.

Phoenix Wright in one corner, and Professor Layton in the other. 


Japanese Okamiden TV Spot & Video


Okamiden arrives on DS in Japan today, so I thought we could celebrate with some preview videos they've put out. I loved Okami on Wii (I've never played the PS2 version), but feel like using a stylus to physically draw the brush strokes will greatly enhance the game. As far as I'm concerned, this is a must-have for any DS owner. 

Okamiden Japanese TV Spot:

Nintendo 3DS Software Line-Up Video


Nintendo 3DS Details Revealed


Announced yesterday, the Nintendo 3DS will be released in Japan this coming February for the yen equivalent of $300 USD.

The 3DS box will include a charging stand, AC adapter, touch pen, 2GB SD memory card, and manuals. Its upper screen will be 3.53 inches wide with 3D support (with no need for glasses) and a 800x240 resolution (400 pixels per eye for 3D viewing), while the lower screen is just 3.02 inches wide and 320x240 pixels. 

Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

<p> Very early in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies a catastrophic event causes the Celestrians, a breed of guardian angels, to fall from their invisible castle in the sky. In this classic tale of good, evil, and angels, our Celestrian hero wakes up in the small town he had previously been assigned to protect, though he has become startlingly human. He takes up the cause of helping as many people as he can in order to get the Almighty&rsquo;s attention and hopefully restore himself to his former glory by gathering benevolessence, a spiritual energy released when humans pray.</p>


Awkward Zombie: Pokemnemonic

Comic by Katie Tiedrich. August 16th, 2010.

Awkward Zombie.jpg
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