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"Deadliest Catch" Captain Sig Hansen Talks About His New Game

"Deadliest Catch" Captain Sig Hansen

There’s Chaos at Sea, but the new season of the hit Discovery Channel show hasn’t even started filming. Come October 15th, when the new season of crab fishing begins, the seventh season of the TV series will be without Captains Sig Hansen and Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand and their boats, the Northwestern and the Time Bandit. All three of those captains and their boats will be in the new Deadliest Catch: Chaos at Sea Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii game shipping this November.

Iron Man 2 Writer Discusses the New Blu-ray Disc and Sega’s Videogame

Marvel scribe Matt Fraction

NEW YORK CITY -- After topping $621 million in the global box office, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2 has come home to Blu-ray Disc and DVD with a slew of special features from Paramount Home Entertainment. One of the men behind the iron suit, Marvel Comics scribe Matt Fraction (The Invincible Iron Man), worked with Favreau on the film and helped game publisher Sega craft an original interactive story. He talks about the new Blu-ray Disc and the game that’s available for multiple platforms in this exclusive interview.

Dolby's Axon Software

The best product for in-game communication to date.
<p> Move over Teamspeak. Move over Ventrilo. A new, better way to communicate with your friends mid-game is here with the Dolby Axon software.</p>

Move over Teamspeak. Move over Ventrilo. A new, better way to communicate with your friends mid-game is here with the Dolby Axon software.

I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve been raring to play some Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike, get a bunch of friends together and be held up by someone having a microphone issue. Lagging sound, echoing, volumes being wildly disproportionate; I’ve dealt with every kind of issue imaginable and I’m certain you have too if you have ever played a PC game with a friend.


Review: Earthworm Jim HD

Cows and Toilets and Boogers, oh my!
<p> Earthworm Jim HD is a remake of the old 1994 Sega Genesis classic and harkens back to the days of old school platform games. In June, X-Box Live Arcade was the first to see the release of this title, followed by PSN early this August. Earthworm Jim HD is basically the same game with a new graphics engine and a few new features such as multiplayer co-op, 3 new levels, and (my favorite) the ability to pick which of the levels you want to play though. Aside from the new coat of paint and the additions, Earthworm Jim HD is pretty much the same game you played when you were younger, for better or for worse. For the young gamers out there who are picking up this title for the first time, play it on the &ldquo;original&rdquo; difficulty if you want to see why older gamers are always complaining about how easy and dumbed down games are these days.</p>

Earthworm Jim HD - cover.jpg

Dad’s Slick Tips for Cooler Gaming

Explore the frostier levels of your favorite games this August.
<p> Hey, champ! Can your old dad come in and chat with you for a minute? First, let me say that you&rsquo;ve been a real trouper this summer! I&rsquo;ve been just as sorry as you are that we&rsquo;ve been going without air conditioning. Maybe even more so! I&rsquo;m not bothering you, am I? No, that&rsquo;s alright, keep playing. I&rsquo;ll just slide in over here next to your PC / Xbox 360 / PS3 / Wii shelf. Wow, this all really does get pretty toasty, huh? Really, I don&rsquo;t mean to come barging into your basement, but, well, your mother wanted me to come down here and talk to you, so here I am!</p>

Dad 2.jpg
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