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The Cutting Room Floor: The toughest levels in The Force Unleashed


[I've got a bunch of oddities/outtakes that didn't make the final cut of our two-part chat with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed's lead producer Haden Blackman. So I'll be posting them here as the week goes along. Stay tuned. -jones]

Narcisse: I had some trouble with the Death Star area at the end. I finally got through it, but man, was it a tough go.

The Force Unleashed dinner: Jimmy Smits is definitely not a dick.


Here's another outtake from our epic Dining With Developers with Haden Blackman. Today's topic: Jimmy Smits who plays Bail Organa in the game.


The Force Unleashed Dinner: The Star (Bucks) Edition


Evan, Vic and I learned a lot during our dinner with Haden Blackman last month, not the least of which is that there's actually a Starbucks *inside* the Lucas Arts building where they work.

Play Well With Others?


Here's one. Take old Sierra adventure games -- the first Space Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry games -- and make them playable on the Web. Then allow you to see everyone else who's playing the game along with you, and to overhear what they are saying to the game.

"Look body," one player says. "Take rose," says another.

Dragon Age and Mass Effect: A Matter of Perspective


My Sister Annotates Blazing Prattles Ep. 21


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I just had the following, unsolicited instant messenger conversation with my 15-year-old sister (pictured, right). Typos and misspellings have been left as is intentionally. Instant Messenger handles have been changed to protect the innocent (and my sister).

Listen along to the podcast

First Video of Lego Rock Band


Interface Designers, I Shake My Fist At Thee

Standing in my living room, pumping my Wiimote up and down in time to the music, yes, I feel like a dork. It also has gotten me thinking about this whole motion control thing.
I’ve been playing Major Minor’s Majestic March, a game so weird that you feel like you can’t hate it in case you are missing something.

The Black Gate Murders: The Rules


If you are unfamiliar with what's going on here, then you might want to read my introduction to the concept first. While I was thinking about this experiment, I realized that I had a few goals I wanted to accomplish:

1) kill everyone

 2) beat the game.


The Black Gate Murders


 I have been writing an article about a rather dark replay of Ultima VII: The Black Gate. I won't go into too many details here in this blog post, but I thought it would be interesting to share some murder stats with you for each town in the game (look for those sporadically when I feel like it). First a little background on why I would be demented enough to play one of my favorite games this way.

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