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Wolverine Game Might Not Suck..



.. says journalrhythm, who raps about it in this YouTube video:



I hope it doesn't suck, but the last X-Men game I played was just awful.





He'll always be Lord British



When I first started thinking about the idea of an alternate replay of The Black Gate, I knew that I would have to catch up with Richard Garriott to talk to him about it and the series in general. I had a lot of questions that couldn't be answered by playing the game or reading about it at my favorite fan sites.

Boston man gets drunk, awakes to find Sonic Spinball downloaded


Somerville, MA- After a night
of beer drinking last Sunday, Cambridge resident Bill Prince, 35, woke
up Monday morning to discover that Sonic Spinball (800 Wii points)
had been downloaded to his Wii Virtual console. "I'm not 100-percent sure how
this happened," Prince said. "I never owned
a Sega Genesis. None of my friends owned Genesis systems. And I'm definitely
not a Sonic fan, or a pinball fan. I was a Nintendo man
growing up."  

The Black Gate Murders: The Road to Britain



The Problem with Innovation

While performing my daily ritual of avoiding work while surfing the Web, I came across this nugget:

Konami drops the ball: Six Days in Fallujah


Words, Words, Words

The image above is a graphical representation of recent thoughts, rants and opionions of the Crispy Gamer blog as filtered through Wordle. You can follow this link to get a better look at the image.

The Black Gate Murders: Trinsic Has Fallen




The walled city of Trinsic has fallen.  A full accounting at a time to be determined, but here are the details.

Trinsic Murder Stats:

Men Killed: 10

Women Killed: 3

Children Killed: 0

Respawns Killed: 6 *

Memo to Nick Torchia: You Are Not Alone





It was supposed to be a fun get-together of eight players for a Demigod match. We were each going to write up 500 words on our experience and turn it into a nice multiplayer feature. What ensued was hilarity, calamity and frustration over the next hour and a half, and no game played.

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