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BlizzCon Keynote Address Reveals New Details on WoW: Cataclysm, Diablo III


During its annual gaming expo known as BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment announced new details in regards to several upcoming titles, including the World of Warcraft expansion pack Cataclysm, new map releases for Starcraft II, and some emerging details for the currently unscheduled release for Diablo III.

First Shot: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light


First Shot: Ace Combat: Joint Assault

Ace Combat: Joint Assault

I’ve been playing Ace Combat: Joint Assault off and on over the past week and I must say, I’m relatively impressed with the way the game feels on a portable system. This is the first time I’ve played an Ace Combat game, and though I know it’s been tailor-made for home consoles, Joint Assault’s feel on the PSP so far has not been problematic whatsoever. You start the game as a fighter pilot working as a contractor for a private military security firm.

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright. You heard me.


…I think I just pissed myself with excitement.  

In a move that can only be described as the most awesome idea in the history of franchise mash-ups, two giants of portable gaming will collide on the 3DS.

Phoenix Wright in one corner, and Professor Layton in the other. 


Elemental's Patching Hell


Elemental: War of Magic was released in late August to scathing reviews. The game was, in a word, unfinished. It suffered from numerous bugs and crashes, and much of the foundational gameplay design was flawed from concept through execution. I've been hesitant to even begin formulating a proper review for the game because, quite frankly, I've gotten the sense from reading developer diaries post-release that even Stardock is not sure what the game is supposed to be about.

Actor Who Inspired Nathan Drake Wants to Be Nathan Drake


We live in a divided country. Sure, we can’t agree on whether to allow gays to marry or women to have abortions, and we’re constantly bickering about the differences between red and blue states. We know Barack Obama’s got a bit on his plate these days being King of the World or whatever his official title is, but if there’s one cause Mr. Obama can swing his weight behind, it’s this: Nathan Fillion wants to be Nathan Drake.

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