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E3: The last horse finally crosses the finish line


E3: It’s a time of exciting revelations, interesting developments, and scantly clad women being paid to interact with game designers and journalists. And there were a few titles that really caught my eye this year. So without further adieu, the last horse finally crosses the finish line.


Dead Rising 2:

Tony Stark: The Ultimate Gamer

Ironman2 tony.jpg

So I finally got around to seeing Iron Man 2 last night. Yeah I know, I'm late to the party and the world has already moved on. But one thing struck me as I watched the latter half of the movie. Gaming culture is becoming ubiquitous. Take a look at this exchange between Iron Man and War Machine *minor spoilers ahead*:

Iron Man: "They're coming in hot. Any second, what's the play?"

War Machine: "Well we'll want to take the high ground, ok? So we want to put the biggest gun on that ridge."

Crazy Eddie's Steam Sale!


At the moment, there is an insane sale going on at Steam right now for all you PC gamers out there.

Stand outs include :

  • Bioshock 2 for $15
  • The complete THQ collection for $50
  • The complete 2k Games collection (including Borderlands+ DLC and all the Civlization games) for $90.

There are deals on indie game packages too so support your fellow gamers trying to make it big!



The Day No Work Was Done

iphone man

Friends and countrymen, today will go down in history as a day that the world did absolutely nothing productive. 

Henry Kissinger Plays a Round of Magic

Magic kissinger.jpg

I know, the title is misleading, but watching my girlfriend Annette play this battle in Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers, it conjured images of American and Soviet nuclear arms buildup.

Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Screenshots

ssfiv front.jpg

I got an e-mail from Capcom today showing off their fancy Super Street Fighter IV 3DS screenshots. For a portable system, they actually look pretty damn good. Obviously, these pics are just in 2D, so don't bother searching around for your 3D glasses, they won't do anything.

Here's the four screenshots we got today:

Kirby's Epic Yarn is so Yarny

front kirby.jpg

One of my secret hopes for this year's E3 was the announcement of a new Kirby game. I was serving jury duty in New York during Nintendo's press conference but, I got a text from a friend listing all of the games Nintendo was revealing to the public. I was stunned to see Kid Icarus: Uprising, a new Donkey Kong Country, and then Kirby's Epic Yarn.

E3: Video Coverage


First Shot: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


I told myself I wouldn't come back. Sure, Metal Gear Solid 4 was a great game and all, but after enduring the hours upon hours of endless cut scenes with some stellar gameplay mixed in between, I just wasn't sure I was ready for another Metal Gear game. However, after hearing that series creator Hideo Kojima was returning to his franchise - on the PSP no less! - I knew I'd have to give it another go.

E3: Preview: Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Deus Ex: Human Revolution plays like a scene from its most recent trailer, and that’s a great thing indeed.  As a fan of the first game, I observed what appeared to be familiar and yet updated gameplay.  While it doesn’t appear to be revolutionary in its technology or game design, watching the live demo played by the Eidos level designer reminded me what was so attractive about the first game.

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