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Sweet Enola Gay, Valve has gone and released modding tools for Portal 2!


In a blog post on May 10th, Valve released the authoring tools for Portal 2 to the public. This means that fans can now make their own Portal 2 maps, skins, models, sound effects and music. I think this officially makes Portal 2 my top game for 2011. Of course, this does mean that for every amazing fan made map, we’ll probably see 5 god awful pieces of crap and 10 phallic shaped maps.

Here's the official announcement.

Big patch coming to Fallout: New Vegas on monday


According to Jason Bergman, Bethesda Softworks’ Senior Producer for Fallout: New Vegas, over at

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  • Gaming Deaths Montage

    Mario Death

    With the weekend nearly upon us (and since we know that you're just as sick of Rebecca Black's "Friday" as we are), we present you a video that's been making the rounds on all the video game blogs out there.


    The Riddler to Be Main Villain in Batman: Arkham City

    The Riddler

    Riddle me this, riddle me that, who’s afraid of the big black bat? Er, I mean...we certainly aren’t. New details emerged on the Arkham Asylum sequel Batman: Arkham City today, with one major highlight being the increased presence of the Riddler in the October game. Although relegated as mostly a side character in the original game, doling out such clues as tiny green trophies and question mark graffitti, new concept art and gameplay footage focuses prominently on the Riddler, prompting us to assume that the Edward Nigma character will have a larger role in the highly anticipated sequel.

    Study: Old People Like Facebook


    As if you needed another reason to reject your grandmother’s friend request on Facebook, it appears that senior citizens are becoming more and more interested in Facebook games. A recent study released by found nearly one in five baby boomers registered on Facebook and spending up to an hour on the popular social networking website per day.

    Nintendo Announces 3DS Launch Titles


    With the release of the Nintendo 3DS only a little over a month away, more details are starting to emerge in regards to the launch games for the new handheld. Though we're sure the system will sell like gangbusters when the system is released, color us a little skeptical after browsing over the list of launch games. Unless you're dying for a new Pilotwings game (we sorta are...), even the first party launch titles are looking relatively thin for the Nintendo 3DS. Below are the list of 16 titles that will be released on launch day, though not all of them will be winners:

    Xenogears arrives on PSN this week to remind gamers what a Good JRPG looks like.


    While many gamers will be clamoring over the release of Killzone 3 for the PS3 this week, the real news is that a classic of gaming will be making a return. According to the Playstation Blog, this week will see the release, on PSN, of the legendary JRPG, Xenogears.

    “PSone Classics

    Duke Nukem Forever Special Edition


    We're approaching the 14th anniversary (I know, right) of the first mention of Duke Nukem Forever back in 1997. Gearbox Software is sticking to their guns as today they have announced that there will be a Balls of Steel edition of the game available for immediate preorder at a video game retailer near you.

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