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Mini-Review: Angry Birds Halloween


Angry Birds has risen to be the top game in the app game market, selling a ridiculous amount on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, with recent releases on Android, the Palm, the Nokia N900, and an upcoming release on PSP.

But instead of simply adding a couple of Halloween-themed levels in an update, Angry Birds has released a separate app exclusive to the iOS Apple apps, with 45 new spooky levels based on the addictive original and GameCenter integration for achievements and leaderboards.

Mini-Review: Cut The Rope


Gaming on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad has become more and more refined, and games like Cut The Rope show off just how polished a touch screen game can be. 

Developed by Zeptolab and published by Chillingo, Cut The Rope puts you in charge of feeding candy to a cute creature that lives in a box. The catch is you can only feed him by lowering the candy from a rope.

Mini-Review: Cat Physics


One rule of the wild is that cats love to play with a ball. This is the premise behind Cat Phyiscs, a standout puzzle game on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. This game may be several months old but it’s a game worth playing if you haven’t already, especially because Donut Games has recently added 20 free levels to its original 50 through an update.

Too Many Games


I remember a time when good game releases used to be spaced apart, when I was only interested in a couple of games that were coming out and was able to choose between them.

As I grew older and game development became easier and more popular, I still only bought a few games a year. This was in the days of renting games from Blockbuster for a week, when you could quickly decide whether I hated a game, loved it enough to buy it, or got it out of my system with the rental.

F.E.A.R. 3 Trailer... Just In Time For Halloween


Donkey Kong Country Returns Trailer


Coming to the Wii November 21.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Historical Trailer


Undead Nightmare Trailer & Very Brief Impressions

Undead Nightmare.jpg

If you haven't already seen or played it...

Why I Don't Think There Is A "Playstation" Phone


A very convincing photo of a Sony Ericson gaming phone has surfaced this week with site after site calling it confirmation of a "Playstation Phone."

I have doubts, though.

The Playstation brand has had several leaks over the past couple of years, namely the PS3 Slim and PSP Go, but even on photos of leaked prototypes there have been some form of Playstation logo. This Sony phone does not; instead it has an "S" logo.

No More Heroes Remake is a PS3 Exclusive w/Move


No More Heroes' Otaku Travis Touchdown won't be slaying his way to the top on the XBOX 360 next year. Instead, Konami has confirmed Heroes' Paradise, the HD remake of the first in the No More Heroes Wii series, will be a Playstation 3 exclusive with Move support.

Move support is a logical decision, as the original game used the Wii Remote to wield Travis' beam-katana as he mutilated his way to the #1 assassin spot. As for my own personal speculation: the XBOX 360 may have lost out on the game because of Kinect's lack of a physical controller.

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