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Watch the Full NGP (a.k.a. PSP2) Announcement Conference


First Shot: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded


After loving last year’s canonical Kingdom Hearts prequel, Birth By Sleep, on the PSP I’d recently tried my hand at 358/2 Days on the DS. Unfortunately, I barely had the drive to push through the highly repetitive and limiting gameplay of the Roxas-centric Kingdom Hearts II side story. I didn’t finish the game because of my dislike of the gameplay (though I’m told the story’s quite good), so I was hesitant to play another side story on the DS.

Dead Space Coming To iPhone/iPad


Bridging the gap between the original Dead Space and its coming sequel, EA has announced an iOS game to be released in January.

The game was built to look like the console games; you'll control Isaac as he delves into the mines of Titan, fighting off necromorphs in a console-like 3D space. The game includes the bloodied violence you'd expect from the series, though it remains to be seen whether Apple will attempt to have it cleaned up a bit before release.

Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift Mini-Review


'Tis the season of giving! ZeptoLab and Chillingo have left a present in your virtual stocking in the form of the aptly named free release of Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift.

Om Nom is back, redelivered to you in the winter in a holiday gift box. With 25 new levels and a total of 75 stars to collect, you are tasked with maneuvering a hard candy on a string in hopes you can land the candy in Om Nom's mouth, feeding the cute little monster for another day.

Infinity Blade Content Update Impressions


Final Fantasy VII-Inspired Rap Album Coming


This music video surfaced yesterday. It's a Final Fantasy VII-inspired rap about Aerith's plotline by an artist called Random (Mega Ran), and it's actually a great song. The video looks more like a fan tribute, but the song itself is quality, especially if you were a fan who felt connected to Aerith and Cloud's relationship. A full Final Fantasy VII rap album will be released on 1.31.11 at

Requiescat In Pace, Thoughts On AC: Brotherhood's Multiplayer


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is the first game in the series to support online multiplayer matches using the in-game engine, and it does it well. Spin-offs of the series have dabbled in online play, like Facebook's point-and-click  Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy and Twitter's AC game, which allow you to duel other members of the social networks based on your stats, or the iPhone's Assassin's Creed II Multiplayer (which I was never able to connect to). 

Pixelninja Shows Off Real-Life Game Costumes


Twenty-eight-year-old Jenni Källberg of Stockholm, Sweden likes cosplay, and her site,, proudly shows off her high level of game character fashion design. Cosplaying for 11 years, she's made 27 costumes, including the ones below. The movie industry could learn a thing or two from her.

Samus' Varia Suit

The Flying Hamster PSP Trailer


Mario's 25th Anniversary Celebration at Nintendo World


Everyone's favorite Italian plumber celebrated his 25th Anniversary this past weekend at Nintendo World, located in Rockefeller Center, New York City.

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