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What I'm Playing: Back To the Future: Episode 1


Before the Back To The Future episodic game series began, Telltale Games had a promotion that allowed me to sign up to receive Episode 1: It's About Time for free once Episode 2 was released. Yes, I'd get the game late, but at the time I'd had plenty of other games I was working through. I didn't even get to the game by the time it was ready for me to download - sometime in February, I believe - but I finally made the time for it and I'm glad.

Episode 1 takes place after the Back to the Future 3 movie. Doc Brown's been unheard from for months and so the bank is selling his estate with Marty McFly's dad leading the sale of Doc's belongings. During the sale Marty finds Doc's notebook that contains all his notes on time travel and confiscates it to ensure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. On his way out of Doc's, after failing to find clues as to where Doc may have been all this time, the DeLorean appears, containing only Doc's dog Einstein, a tape recorded message for Marty from Doc, and a pristine-looking woman's shoe.

Marty begins his search by tracking down the owner of the shoe and thus embarks on a journey into his town's Prohibition days where he has to prevent Doc from being gunned down by Prohibition gangsters.

The point-and-click adventure upholds the sound effects, humor, and urgency of the movies, maintaining the same tone and utilizing both original voice acting as well as new actors who sound like the originals (like Marty's).

While a majority of the two hours I'd played were cut scenes that very much felt like I was watching an extension of the movies, the point-and-click interaction allowed me to learn more about the worlds I visited and caused me to think about what in my surroundings are useful to Marty or could be useful to him later in the episode.

I suspect there's less than an hour left of the episode, but I very much enjoyed what I played and am absolutely interested in playing the other four episodes in the series. I've always wanted to play an immersive Back to the Future game. It's about time.


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